[BLOG] No Time To Indulge

I know, I haven't been the most diligent of bloggers.

I sincerely apologize for neglecting this place. But I am pretty sure not many people care. xD

Well its okay, I find joy in blogging. I find joy in updating this page.

But I am a university student facing things such as... FINALS.

I have no time to indulge in pretty boy goodness, screencap the videos, talk about it in great lengths and then TRY to not offend rabid fangirls with my criticisms which people take to be insults.

I will update. Just not as often.

Until... 17th of July.

But I will update. xD Like... when I finish my studying quota thingie.


Has anyone watched Last Friends recently? Its going rather predictable isn't it? I am sure most are watching for the sake of knowing who is the one who died.

I am curious. Why is it singular? A story is not a great story unless most of its main characters die - or the big kahuna, the leading man or lady which, in this case, will be Michiru. Hell, do you not know "Romeo and Juliet"? Do you not know "Joan of Arc"? Do you not know "Passion of the Christ"?

Zettai Kareshi has slowed down. I read the manga. I have a rough idea how its going to be like. Just that the manga made me like Night but I like Soushi in the drama because Mizushima Hiro is... Ah~~~~~

Yeah, I know, I'm shutting up right now.

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