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Starring: Aragaki Yui, Miura Haruma, Karina, Koide Keisuke...

The story opens as Mika boards a train and starts a monologue (or an imaginary conversation, really), talking to whom we would presume to be a man she loves. She was contemplating if meeting him was a good thing or a bad thing. A flashback ensues. Seven years ago, Mika was a freshman in highschool. It seems natural that people want to be dating when they enter highschool, Mika and her friends are no different. Occasionally wearing lip gloss to look better.
Mika's friend, Aya confessed to like a boy from another class who appears to be a junior delinquent with piercings all over his face named Nozomu. Nozomu and his bleached-blonde-haired friend met Mika and her friends for the first time that day, when Aya went to meet Nozomu. Oh yeah, Nozomu has the hots for Mika and Mika promised Aya to not be attracted to Nozomu.
One fine day, Mika was looking for her cellphone and found it nicely lined up among the books in the library and a boy's voice appeared as he called to help ease the effort of finding the phone on Mika's part. The boy refused to reveal his identity. Before she knows it, she is getting phone calls from the boy more and more often. And so before Mika is aware of it, a bond is formed through the daily phone calls made by a secretive, anonymous boy...

Young love.

This story was originally made available only through cellular services or something like that. Then there was a popular novel based on the story. Then the movie spawned from it. And there was this big fuss about it way before it even released. So, even if you don't dig chick flicks, the curiousity driven by the fuss surrounding the movie will drive you to want to watch it.

It seems that Aragaki Yui is playing the same sweet, cute and naive role over and over again with no edge to the characters, nothing special. Your cute girl-next-door type. Which is exactly what the Japanese like in their top idols. When people thought Sawajiri Erika was like so, sure, they supported her. But when they show themselves as a bitch or just a bit less flawless, they turned their backs on her just like that.

Karina played Hiro's elder sister. Karina is so hot. xD Oh well, this is the type of story that portrays the sex life of kids nowadays and make it seem like its okay to have underage, premarital sex. Well I am not one to say its okay or not. But this is the type of movie that makes kids wanna go out and get knocked up.
Koide Keisuke plays the rebound boy for Mika. With a Kansai accent. xD No matter how often I hear that, from Ryo, from Kanjani8, from KinKi Kids, from Downtown, I still cannot get used to that. xD Especially in a movie. If its like owarai, then its suitable. But for movies... highly unrecommended. He plays a good guy. The type you'd bring home to meet your parents. But girls like bad boys. Period. I thought when I turned 20 that bad-boy fantasy will fade. Well... I am 20. It didn't go away.

I like thugs. I like those wannabe rebels who skip class and smoked underage. I don't know about now though. So likeD would be a better word. Ah young love. Its not a great movie. I feel like I am watching the same shit over and over again yet succumb to the tearjerking factor that these movies have.

I am watching it as I blog so... basically I don't know the ending yet... Okay, I know it already. Not telling though.

Chicks would love this movie. Depressing, predictable, cliched.

I have a thing or two to say about the big fuss about the movie. Totally overrated. TOTALLY.

Its that same story all over again. Its so familiar that you know you watched it in at least ten other movies. Its the sentimental thing that bring audiences in. Its the notion of young, first love that makes people watch it. Its the idea of a loving, loyal, protective boy whom every girl wants as a first love that makes girls fuss over the movie.

I won't call it a good movie. I call it a movie I like. I don't always like good movies.


The hopeless romantic in me cannot give it a low rating.

Eff you estrogen. Its the estrogen that is making women weak for love stories like this. RAWR~

If you want me to TRY and be professional. Then the rating is 3/5. Ignoring the fact that I'm in a rather delicate state of mind now and any love story will make me bawl.

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