[TV] Arashi no Shukudaikun

12 May 2008

Guest: Kanjiya Shihori

xD She's funnay. Okay, so in the beginning, there was some yakking about her special name. Whatever. xD Then she was asked about her opinion on Nino whom she has worked with, and Jun too. Then the rest of the members were also normal stuff, happy, newscaster, then when it came to Ohno, she was just "Teeheehee" xD well it wasn't anything like that, but she just laughed. xD

She asked for gyouza. They gave her gyouza. xD Ohno kept eating, even though it was his turn to introduce. xD I remember the last time he had the responsibility Nino had to hold the cards too. xD Aww... but there is no 'you' and 'me' with Ohmiya now is there? xD

Nino kept calling Aiba Teri-man for reasons I have yet to discover. Me, not Japanese. Anyways, Aiba got pissed and went "I'm from Chiba!" and "Don't say that another time!" xD Nino didn't care, as usual. Nino would not fear Aiba...

The final yogurt gyouza had this weird taste but it wasn't bad. Sho and Aiba kept eating and eating with the excuse that they're trying to figure the thing out. Yeah... gluttons.

Foot massage from Kanjiya made grown men beg for mercy. xD The "baka" exchange between Sho and Ohno... totally 8. Aiba... Ah... Aiba... Anyways, Ohno fell from the chair from the pain inflicted by Kanjiya. xDD Hilarious. Oh did Ohno not lovingly tap Kanjiya on the forehead as a tsukkomi for Kanjiya's comment about his feet being soft? Sho is incomplete as a person for not having whatever it is on the feet that the girl was looking for.

Jun was sitting next to Ohno ever since he had to move from the chair for Kanjiya to massage Aiba's foot. I know why he never went back to his own seat. I know, and its NOT because Ogu-san is there. You... you... masterminding you... Jun.

Then it was revealed that Kanjiya has a thing for Sakurai from Mr. Children. Ah... I know... he has that thing... xD that older, sexy thing going on. I like as well. xD Like. xD Anyways, she also has a fetish for arms. Sho and Ogu-san joined in the weird arm competition which some hot dude won. Said hot dude is a A.D. for cartoon KAT-TUN. xD I noticed him in the latest episode where he is said to be a fan of Ayase Haruka. xD I am a fan too! xD Anyways, yeah...

Sho's arms are unique, and it was funny how the members recognize his arm straight away.

There's something about Ohno's eyes and brows... they kinda freak me out a bit. T_T I don't know... they look so... so... 1950s. I make no sense, I know.

Oh yeah, and whatever cool image I have of Sho is officially gone now. Whatever that is left of it eroded through time and through watching them consistently. Not a speck of coolness is left. xD He's just an idiot like Ohno and Aiba. Just an idiot. His "hyu.. hyu..." is just... what is he? 5?


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