[TV] Arashi no Shukudaikun

28 April 2008

Guest: Bananaman

What am I going to do with these people?

The funniest part was the "Maximum Umai" that they forced Aiba to say. xD

Sho was desperate to make the "Maximum" popular, you see. So he included Bananaman into his group, Nino was the one who brought it up and they made Aiba say it too. And Jun didn't jump on the boat did he? When the Maximum Gang lashed out at Aiba, Jun placed a consoling arm around Aiba didn't he? DIDN'T HE? xD Well, usually Jun's attitude towards Aiba borders on bullying, you see. xD So its nice to see a friendly gesture once in a while.

Bananaman was very cooperative in terms of promoting the term "Maximum". Sho must be thankful for it. Ohno was exceptionally quiet in this episode and of course, we all know Jun is hot. May they stop placing emphasis on that because its like saying the sky is blue and earth is round. WE KNOW!

Himura's keyboard playing got the boys all amused. xD Sho's laughs are... very... very... maximum. xD Another of Himura's strong points is that he can make 10 yen coins spin with one hand. xD Arashi was excited again. xD When they all sat on the floor to watch the man spin the coins... xD OMG... what the hell are they doing? Seriously! And... I want some BR ice cream. T_T

I can't stop eating these days, from seaweed to donuts to canned tuna to potatoes. Ah the potatoes. I know its random, but food is a regular guest on Arashi no Shukudaikun, so I can be excused. Anyways, when the man was trying to make all the coins spin at once, Aiba and Nino kept sabotaging him. The poor thing. xD

Shiodome Aibaland. Aiba looks positively delicious in this episode. xD I like it when Aiba acts all high up in his Airando segment and how he calls Ogu-san "Ogu-chan" because only in this segment, he is Aiba's assistant. xD

The game is like a gesturing game, but they put you on a spinning chair and spin you ten rounds before you gesture and your teammates guess. Sho is such a scaredy cat. xD The narrator said that Nino was inches away from breaking down. Or something.

Anyways, I find this episode a bit funny. Especially during the MAXIMUM umai part. But the episode itself is not maximum funny. xD


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