[Buzz] Ohno x Toma In A Drama

I... I... OMFG.

Ohno will star in a drama. This is the first time he stars in a Renzoku Drama. Its so...sudden. And here I am thinking that he is being stingy with his exposure time. xD

I think he will be an evil, two-faced, lawyer who kills.

I. Am. So. Fucking. Happy.

Ikuta Toma will co-star in it. A drama cannot have ONE Johnny's anymore. They need to throw in a bunch and make them rule the world. Evil Johnny's.

Short hair looks sexay on Toma.

Ohno looks so young with black hair. He can play an evil character too. xD

I think. Well I have yet to see.

But judging by that glare in his eyes during the shooting of the poster, I think he can.


But I think when I watch the drama, I will have to hold back laughters. That is because... its Ohno, you know?

Starting July, Friday nights at 10. "Maou".



Ohno is casted as a lawyer who is plotting revenge against the killer of his family. Toma will be a detective investigating the crimes. I think.

No other cast members have been confirmed as of today.

I can tell the fans are excited. What a weird combo eh? Ohno and Toma.

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    The original korean one was quite dark and ending was depressing! NOOOOOooooo

  2. Ah its a dark and depressing one?

    *Looks forward to it even more.*

    Im a sucker for tearjerkers.

  3. the korean one was about revenge.... do you want spoilers for the ending?

    btw who is going to be the female lead?

  4. ikuta looks weird with short hair, i have to admit that...but that one pic isnt enough to judge. have to see 3D vers haha xD but since he's in it, i'm looking forward to it.

  5. Oh, its okay. No spoilers thank you. xD

    The female lead has not been set yet, but Toma is casted as a detective. He and Ohno are the only two cast member confirmed.

    Toma~~ I think he looks good though I prefer the Nakatsu look.

  6. Ohno in a drama?? XD this i must see. Tell us how it goes rei :D!

  7. Sure, how can I not update with every bit of details?

    Its Ohno. xD

  8. XD i know, and a lawyer too. Woohoo XD

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