[PV] AI - Story

Its a nice song from a very long time ago.

I don't know who AI is or where she is from or whatever. Its hard to google her you know? I mean, its difficult to google... NewS as well without adding Pi or Ryo's name behind it to ensure the right NewS appears.

This song is really good. I remember her appearance in the very first episode of cartoon KAT-TUN if I am not mistaken. Oh yeah and she went on Domoto Kyoudai. I like her but she overreacts sometimes. You know like when Heyx3 has an SP and they show clips of songs from the past and when she sees them she'd totally overreact. It kinda bugs me in a way but whatever. xD I guess she's all happy and stuff eh?

She looks really nice in this video but she doesn't look that nice elsewhere. But you know? It doesn't matter. Her voice is like so freaking different it stands out... but not more so that Ayu. xD Anyways, AI's cool. xD This song is one of my favourite Japanese song of all time. Its like one of the most played song according to my WinAmp. xD

I also did this update to prove that I am really not a man-crazy/Johnny's crazy bitch. xD You know how the men you like to watch in entertainment business is so totally different from your real life tastes? xD The Johnny's boys don't really have a lot of hair or facial hair eh? xD I like those middle-eastern/Indian men. xD Hairy is good. Totally unrelated, I know... xD Can't help it.


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