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14 May 2008

Guest: Ayase Haruka

Oh look~ Tatta Hitotsu no Koi... xD well if only we had Toda Erika and Hiraoka Yuta there eh? Anyways... xD I like Ayase Haruka. She is one of the actresses that I really like. xD She's sweet and she appears to be nice and stuff. God knows what she is like when the cameras are off. I am convinced that everyone is playing a role in front of the camera.

Well not everyone is as stupid as Sawajiri Erika to just unleash her bitchiness when the cameras roll and then like cry for forgiveness. Like, seriously... xD fake is the way to go.

Kame... those boots... oh... my... goodness. I'm liking Junno's look. Jin YOU SLUT. He called her Haruka. He called her HARUKA. In addition to all those magazine message boards with those messages aiming at actresses like Gakki (Aragaki Yui) now he called her HARUKA. If I were her, I'd go for Kame. Jin probably has some STD, no kidding. xD But I like him stupid and he was stupid in this episode. xD I think he likes em with big boobs. You know... xD Its funny, my brother said all Japanese actresses have small breasts except Nagasawa Masami. I was quick to point out that he is wrong. I mean... Hellow? Sawajiri Erika, Ayase Haruka... Fukiishi Kazue...

Yeah, boob-talk aside... xD cos my self-consciousness will cause me to abruptly stop updating. xD When they were talking about how Haruka went bald for Sekachuu and how she wore wigs during that period, Jin was like "Nakamaru wears wigs too" xD Then he asked Haruka if Nakamaru looks like he has a wig on. xD That flirt. Haruka said she will NEVER confess to a dude. Then they asked what type of guys she likes. I think she said honest men. Junno then started to compare himself with the criteria and then said "clear" xD Height? "clear" xD Someone not funny won't work for her.... too bad Junno. xD You would have made a great couple. xD I can imagine shyness all the way.

There was a basketball match. I can tell that the boys were holding back. xD Nice gentlemen eh? Atzie, if you are reading, Ueda's first throw went in. It looks damn cool. I think Junno said "I want to be that ball~~" when Haruka was holding it. xD This was when Jin said "Haruka, are you throwing the ball from there?" when she was standing far from the line and Nakamaru was like "The hell did you just say?" xD then Jin was like "Haruka" xD Nakamaru was like "Ah... sounds good..." Well its more like "ii na..." the hell are you supposed to translate that into English, I have no idea. But the word good is there so I guess it goes? They let her win, which is what men should do, really. I remember my sponge would not even let me win in a game of chess. I held a grudge against him for a fortnight or so.

xD When she won, the guys were giving each other the hi-touch thing. She's playing a cyborg in a movie. xD I wanna watch that movie. xD KAT-TUN performed "Don't U Ever Stop" later in the episode.

Next episode, HARUKA will make okonomiyaki, hiroshima style! I cannot wait to see the boys flirt again. xD I like it when some hotshot actress comes to shows hosted by Johnny's boys.


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