[M-Sta] KAT-TUN - Don't U Ever Stop

25 April 2008

Ah its long overdue isn't it?

Anyways, the opening features Nakamaru and DoKo talking about "Sushi Ouji". When one asks me about the drama, if it was good, I would reply "No." When one asks me if I enjoyed the drama, I would say, "Yeah, baby." xD

DoKo knows not what embarrassing means, which is why I like him. xD I favour DoKo over the whole of KAT-TUN. Since DoKo made KAT-TUN and all. Junno's new hair. I am lovin' it. The pre-performance talk had KAT-TUN reminisce the days when they were DoKo's back-up dancers. Jin mentioned the days where he had to hide in dried ice so that he can emerged magically and how he almost died doing it. Why did Koki hold the mike like that during the talk? He wasn't even performing. Ah he's trying to act cool eh? Oh well. Anyways, there was something about him having high fever when performing. What do they expect DoKo to apologize?

I am sure everyone (except Tackey, cos we know Tackey was king of the Juniors since way early.) has been through days of being the underdog just so they can emerge brighter and better. Without those days, they won't be what they are today, which is chart topping slutty pretty boys.
When Tamori was like "Koichi, do you have anything to say about it?" DoKo was like looking around like an idiot. xDDDD Then when they finally called him "Maizu Tsukasa" which is what he was supposed to be that day, since he is performing as a character from the drama/movie, he finally replied. xD That idiot.

During the performance... oh what is that? Are they dancing? I am amazed. xDDD Its good to see them do some physical activities. xD Its beneficial to... say... Jin? xD *Dodges spears and rocks* xD This was the first time I heard this song. I actually like it. I usually don't like a song upon first try unless its really good.

I like it.

xD I am waiting for the PV patiently right now. Its a good song though. I am going to get slammed for this, again. But seriously, does no one see that Kame resembles a crocodile? I like Kame, god knows I do. xDDDD I didn't catch so many of his dramas for nothing okay? One Pound Gospel is just waiting to be watched on my shelf. xD Maybe his name should be Waninashi. xD Nevermind. xD

Ueda looks like a girl as usual. xD Those lips of his... rivals that of Angelina Jolie. I read a book about face-reading. Ueda has high sex drive. Yes, it takes a lot of fulfill his desires. Or so, I read. Nakamaru, *sarcastic mode* what a nice, new drastic hairstyle change he has there eh? He looks so different, I can barely recognize him!

I have to say, when they danced in the second part of the performance or something, it looks so...messed up. Everyone is trying to do their own thing. Sure, it makes each of them unique if you want to argue it that way. But it is hell on the visual. But even if they tried to dance in sync a few times in the performance, they failed miserably. So I guess doing their own thing saves them some embarrassment? Whatever.

Kame has too many extra moves put in. xD He's like MatsuJun, only he sings better than MatsuJun. The only person who sings worse than MatsuJun is Nakai. xD Okay, and maybe Pi and Shige and Koyama. Well its hard to rank them. xD Nakamaru can't sing too. xD Ken and Go? xD At this rate, I'll never end this blog entry. We might as well move on.

Hah! I knew before the end Kame is going to take that hat of his off. xD OMFG Kame did that squatting down thing again. Every time. Seriously! Does he think its cool? I don't know. I don't know. Rawr! xD I bet Jin was like "WTF?!" xD Ueda would be indifferent. Junno would think nothing of it since he is the little cutesy thing that he is. Koki would want to join Kame, cos we know they have something going on. Who else? Oh Nakamaru. Whatever. xD I kid, I kid. Nakamaru is my fave, remember?


There's a new one... a new performance. Maybe later. xD

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