[PV] Yuzu - Umaku Ienai

Yuzu has been around for a long time and I have been listening to them longer than I have been obsessed with monkey boys. (Monkey boys being the Johnny's) I got to know them when they performed "Eikou no Kakehashi" at the Kouhaku years ago. That was and still is a beautiful song. Yes, I know, they look too excited when they perform, especially the taller dude whose name I don't know. xD

Well I don't really care about their names, like the band Spitz, I don't know any of them, doesn't mean I can't like them. They make great music. I listen to their music. That is about it. There's Mr. Children, Pornograffiti. I don't even know for sure how many members there are but the music is great.

That is like Yuzu. Their songs such as "Tobenai Tori", "Natsuiro", "Sayonara Bus", "Mata Aeru Hi Made", "Story" are all worthy of listening. Basically, if I were to describe the members, I'll use "the tall one" and "the short and cute one". xD That's all. After listening to them a lot, I have come to a conclusion that Yuzu is mostly, if not always, good. xD

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