[M-Sta] NewS - Summer Time

9 May 2008

They talked about the members' mails for Koyama for his birthday. Tegoshi sent it the moment the clock struck 12. Pi trailing behind followed by Shige then Ryo who said that he wished Koyama a be-earlied birthday 3 days before the actual day. Koyama had high hopes for Masuda as he sent him those really warm mails every year so Masuda let Koyama down by not sending this year because of some reason... something about his mother and anger and stuff.

Then they performed. This time, they included the rap and the ryopi bridge. xD I call it the ryopi bridge. xD Nevermind.

It was fun, this performance. xD M-Sta's the best eh?

I am getting a HD version of this, but capping that would be even more of a pain in the ass as compared to the LQ version... I hate LQ, but the thing is... I am running out of space... so I am clearing out my hard drive within these few days.


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