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Updates on Ohno's drama, though unconfirmed, it is said that the lead female character will be played by a 19-year-old named Kobayashi Ryoko. And that Oshinari Shugo, Uehara Misa and Shinohara Mai will also be part of the cast.


Not confirmed or anything.

Ah I have no idea how the original Korean story is like, so I have no right to comment on the suitability of the cast. But if Ohno were to date that Kobayashi's character, it would be totally freaky.

Then again... Ohno doesn't look 28 so I guess its okay? Whatever, really.

I was under the impression that this is supposed to be a serious drama, you know, dark revenge, evil lead character killing all that is obstructing him. But then they casted a 19-year-old actress whom I have never heard of until today. What are they? Tight on casting budget? I was hoping they get someone big like... like... I don't know... someone big. xD Ohno deserves famous costars.

This is totally not related but there will be a drama version of Koizora, or so I heard.

In addition to that, Pi will be in a drama called "Code Blue" which also stars Aragaki Yui and Toda Erika. Its said to be a medical-related thing. I have no plans on seeing Pi uttering complicated medical jargon. Its just... Kusano Akira is... rich and batshit insane. So~~ still not confirmed though... rumours.

Ah another Pi-Yui drama. When Aragaki Yui was in Dragonzakura, she wasn't really that hot. Her skin was too tanned and you know how Asians just don't look quite good tanned unless they're going for the sexy look? And Yui most certainly is doing the cutesy thing. So... anyways, she got hot. xD We are looking forward to the reunion.

The last time Toda Erika and Pi were credited together was in Nobuta wo Produce (it might be the only time...) and they didn't really had a lot of scenes together. We are thinking... love triangle would be good. Must be an intern doctor with two slutty nurses. xD That would be a spectacle.

Oh, oh and cat fight! xD

This can NOT be a serious drama can it? I mean... these people are too young and too IDOL for it. Maybe in another 5 years. The society just doesn't take young people seriously. Trust me, I know. No one takes me seriously. (I AM YOUNG. DOUBT THAT AND BE DOOMED.)

Koike Teppei will be the lead actor in a drama called Shibatora, based on a manga.

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