[TV] Misia - Everything @ Sapporo Dome

I need to get a new [] that says [Performance]. But I would have to edit the rest. Its so annoying and I am a lazy bitch. So we will just leave it as that.

This is a 2003 concert that I dug up from some box in my brother's room. I really wanted to watch a performance because performances have more impact than the recorded version. But I can't find it anymore. There's only the PV.

Then I remember a certain concert that exists in discs in my house. xD Thank goodness.

The cover is beautiful and classy. Misia is one of those low-keyed performers like Hikki used to be. But now Hikki appears more in public doesn't she?

Anyways, its a beautiful performance, Misia's voice is amazing, the music is brilliant. I love every bit of it!

However... (there's always a however) Misia's outfit made her look like the snowman threw up on her. Okay, its not that bad, she looks gorgeous, its just the dress hides her figure. Which isn't always bad, but I wish she wore something less poofy.


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