[PV] NewS - Summer Time

This PV has become my favourite for NewS. Okay, this and "weeeek". I love it when they goof around like that.

And... of course... RyoPi-ness. *cough* What? Its moe okay? Did I just used the word "moe"? I think I am going to kill myself from the shame now. xD I kid.

Anyways, I like the lively happy vibe to the video, the song is not great but its not bad. I'll wait until I watch the live performances to judge it. No M-Sta performances yet right? I just had my longest stint of non-Johnny's time and I am confused now. The hell is KAT-TUN's "Don't U Ever Stop" PV? They went on M-Sta but no PV yet.

This PV is fun, I could swear I saw Ryo share a drink with Pi then put Pi's straw into his mouth after Pi left his side. No, I could swear that was Pi's straw.

Overall, it was an enjoyable one, Ryo's overacting was hilarious (should it be someone else, I don't think I find it as funny.) Ah, they seem so alien to me now that I can actually live without them for 13 days really says a lot. I am not as dependent on such entertainment as I thought I was.


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