[Talk] Spotted

Ryo, talk to the face, not the crotch.

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I was browsing through the folder of random NewS piccies and found that.

I don't even know what to think about these people anymore.


Get a room.

xDDD But I have to say... xDDD Ryopi is my fave. Although we all know Ryo likes Uchi more. Pi has Toma and Jin as best friends.

Ryopi is just my thang.

Just that... err, I know they're not gay. I mean the friendship, silly!

Aww, so sweet, that friendship of theirs.

*cough* *cough* Damn, I need to get rid of this cough.

Damn, you know, I had to edit this short post for so many typos and stuff. And of course, linguistic errr inaccuracies. What the hell is wrong with me? Must be the wok's ass curse taking effect. That, or I just have too many things in my head right now.

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