[Movie] Closed Note

Starring: Sawajiri Erika, Takeuchi Yuko, Iseya Yusuke, Saeko...



Sawajiri Erika stars as Kae in this movie, a normal young woman who moved into a new apartment, plays the mandolin and works in a pen shop. The day she moved into the new apartment, she discovered a mirrored cabinet at the corner of her house. She opened it to reveal several belongings of the previous occupier of the apartment.


The first thing she reached for was a diary. She later read the diary and found that the previous owner of the house was a beautiful elementary school teacher named Ibuki. Reading Ibuki's diary sort of changed Kae's life not only in terms of ambition but also love. She began to grow devoted to the book and also to Ibuki. Ibuki's dedication to her job, Ibuki's stories of love with a man named Takashi were explored by Kae.


At the same time, a man named Ishitobi Ryuu appeared in Kae's life. Kae fell for him. What ensues is a rather expected but heart warming and also abrupt revelation of the connection between Kae, Ibuki, Ryuu and Takashi.


Spoilers alert.

Err yeah, SawaEri should take up more diverse roles. Always the pretty girl in love. I mean, look at Ueno Juri, she's been a caterpillar-brows pretty girlfriend, then she was this saxophone school girl, then she was Nodame, then now she's trying to be a lesbian. Ueno Juri rocks. Not that SawaEri doesn't, but if she isn't dying, she's heartbroken or in love or trying to solve some mystery of disappearing people.

She's lucky her breakout role is such a good, memorable, likable one.

I knew the ending the moment Ryuu was spotted outside the apartment and then Takashi was mentioned in the notebook written by Ibuki.

Overall, I won't say its a waste of time. Its your typical Japanese Love Story, only very predictable and very slow paced. I like Takeuchi Yuko.

Everytime SawaEri flashes on the screen with a sweet smile, I only see her being a bitch at the press conference of this very movie. But her portrayal of Ikeuchi Aya was THAT full of impact (not good, just full of impact) that I would watch a lot of her stuff, upcoming stuff.

But, I rather think this movie is not bad. The intertwining, invisible connection between the two women, one lived in the apartment, one living in it. Their love interests, their ambition mirrored each other's. Though Kae might be unconsciously trailing Ibuki purposely.... Anyways, it isn't a waste of time.


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