[Movie] Hana to Alice


Starring: Aoi Yuu, Suzuki Ann, Kaku Tomohiro, Abe Hiroshi, Hirosue Ryoko...

Behind Alice, there is always Hana. Two best friends, always sticking out for each other. Alice the pretty face, Hana the slightly geekier one. The two slacked one fine day and spotted two guys at the train station. One of them is tall, hunky and looks like Eurasian. The other reads a lot. Alice decided that she will have the taller one and that Hana can have the younger one. Though Hana said that she doesn't want him, she slowly developed a crush for him.
When Hana said that the taller one resembled Hannibal Lecter, Alice decided to abandon the boy.
High school begins. Hana joined the story telling club only to find that the boy, Miyamoto Masashi is also in the club... then stuff happens like amnesiac dude, and errr the audition and stuff.

Anyways... is that really Aoi Yuu dancing?

I like this movie!
I lik Aoi Yuu. She's not like in-your-face pretty or anything. But she's just... I don't know. Suzuki An is not bad too.

Its a good movie. Friendship and all that.



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