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I'm trying to rid myself of some anger... not related to anything NOT real life. xD Which is... um... like... this blog. Ah, I have planned this for so long, and now I finally have a little drive to begin.

Just a little. But sometimes, I'm so lazeh! We'll see. xD I am supposed to be having a mid-term break soon, but I will spend it touring a bit. So no breather for me. Its on and on and on. But its worth it.

Anyways, this is how it will go. I am not sure about the order, but I will do it as chronologically as possible. I'm such a noob with the history of Johnny's. I know them only from Tahara Toshihiko and Kondo Masahiko onwards. So anything before that will be a little fuzzy.

Four Leaves

Tahara Toshihiko
Kondo Masahiko
Otogo Gumi
Hikaru Genji

KinKi Kids

Tackey & Tsubasa

Hey! Say! JUMP

Ah, that's about it. Hopefully my drive won't be gone before I start. xD It happens.

There are other more obscure groups, shall I say? So its really difficult to find information. Even Four Leaves, Ninja, Shibugakitai and Otogo Gumi are difficult to find information about. Tahara Toshihiko and Tanokin Trio too. Someone should really publish a history on the Johnny's Agency and then someone should really translate it. This is history here. The boys took over Japan and never let go. Someone should write it down or it will be like the Indus Valley Civilization and when the man who created this cease to exist, what will be of the agency? No one will know. I personally think that the Johnny's Jimusho will continue on for quite some time. I guess they are adapting their products to the change through the course of time. I for one, think that the Johnny's flava is different now.

I like the old, I like the new. But... I think... that it wasn't all about how much they can sex up the girls. Or was it? I don't know. I get goosebumps and I feel very... moved everytime I see the younger generations sing a good senpai song. You know, "Paradise Ginka", "Kimi Dake ni", stuff like that.

I'll try to research more into it before I begin. If I begin. Sigh, I will eventually begin, but it will take a hell lot of time. Depends on my mood, you see.

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