[PV] KAT-TUN - Keep the Faith

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I am disgusted by crappy EngRish and they totally cannot dance.

Frankly, KAT-TUN is NOT my favourite Johnny's group. They're my least favourite amongst the ones that I recognize. I don't recognize Hey! Say! Jump. I know them, I know most of the members, its just I don't want to recognize them as a group. In fact, from now onwards, when people talk about HSJ, I am going to say "WHO?"

Anyways, KAT-TUN can't sing, can't dance, are not funny. If you ask me about their success, I tell you they are overrated and that their sluttiness and Nakamaru's beatboxing brought them up. But that is not true. That is what I'd like to believe.

But their PVs are all so expensive looking and they have classier image and stuff, so unlike what NewS and Kanjani8 got. Which is unfair. Plus Jin and Kame are sluts. Koki is a wannabe black rapper gangsta person, Ueda is a total girl. The only two, IMO that are worthy of noticing are Junno and Nakamaru. But they are the ones that people either ignore and bully. Poor things.

T_T I used to like Koki, but he got annoying. And Nakamaru should totally rule the group. Screw Kame, screw Jun, throw them out! The sluttiness has corrupted teenage fangirls all over the world. I won't be corrupted, cos I ain't no teenage fangirl. xD

I am not! >.> Is that a look you are giving me that says I am in denial? I am a fangirl, not a teenage one. I turned 20.

Back to the PV, [1] Good song, [2] looks okay, [3] Kame and Jin and Koki ruined it for me.

Took them 5 years to debut, yet they haven't learnt to sing. I bet those five years were spent spanking Johnny's... um.. junior? It was the rumour, they slept with Johnny's to debut. OF COURSE THAT IS NOT TRUE. Dude, I bet Johnny can barely eat without a tube, let alone molest young boys. >.> Nya who cares if they did. I don't.

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Jin is doing that pretty boy smiling lip-synch thingy.

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Kame is doing his crocodile look. Fear the teeth.

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Junno intends to scare with his hair. Don't judge him by his hair la, he is playing a character in a drama...

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Sluttiness Skills 101, lesson 1: Water+Eyes half closed look with open mouth=Slutty effect.
(Do not doubt the mathematical genius.)

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That, is a guy.

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Jin, that outfit makes you look fatter than you already are.

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No, Koki, the shades and the bling bling and the baggy clothes don't make you no gangsta. You are in Johnny's. Johnny's do not produce cool rapper gangsta types. You're just a wannabe.

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Gasp, Kame does the crocodile thing again.

Okay, I personally prefer Kame to Jin now. Kame in person is okay, but when he performs... his sluttiness just pour out and then makes me annoyed.

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Aww take that stupid pair of shades off... its already so dark at the set, what the heck is he doing wearing that? Who does he think he is? Tamori?

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No, he didn't smell anything stinky, he's beatboxing.

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He thinks he is so gangsta... >.> it's annoying.

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[The image host is so jaik, they deleted my cap of Koki giving the middle finger. RAWR]
Whoops, I think he heard me bashing him. What is that allowed on TV in Japan?

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And that was KAT-TUN, from my POV.

I like the song. The song is great.

Wait... the song is great and the video is okay... what's my problem with these dudes?

xD Count me among the few fangirls who can bash their likes. I mean, I did say Nishikido has no talent right? xD

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  1. ne, anata wa kikei desu ka?? i bet you are! you know whose got the problem?? YOU!
    you don't like kat-tun, you say? but you keep on commenting on them? and what's the connection of writing a blog about kat-tun and then commenting on nishikido?
    and who said that koki cannot wear gangsta clothes? why, are you johnny??

  2. No, silly. Of course I am not Johnny. That old fart...

    I am his mommy.

  3. you suck!!! what the hell is you're fucking problem writing a writing bad things about KAT-TUN who the hell do u think you are to say they don't have talent? if you don't like them then shut your freaking mouth up and Keep it to yourself... Have a life LOSER

  4. ermm, sorry to butt in... but technically this is HER blog, thus she can say whatever she wants!

    freedom of speech dude ^^


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  6. Dakara nande? why can't I complain what her blog is about but I was just asking theres nothing wrong with it. hontou ni u like kat-tun but in ur blog it seems like you hate then..

  7. ur right.
    individually they aren't that great of singers
    [im tired of the slutiness also]

  8. A KAT-TUN fan's two cents: First off, yeah, I totally agree that Yuichi should be able to rule since he looks CUTE!
    But don't go bashing them too much kuz you'll get jumped (and possibly die without a trace) if one of their fans is rich and unforgiving. There is a reason why Ueda's nickname is Uebo-hime. Kame is hot! Jin is awesome! Koki looks great with hair! Junno cannot dance, but he is excellent in his own way. They aren't slutty, just trying to give the fangirls what they wanted. I know for a fact that Ueda, Kame and Jin can sing individually. Koki can wear whatever he wants because like you who have the freedom of speech, he has the freedom to choose his own style too. I don't see your choices for clothing, so if you have gut: show us a picture of yourself in your accessories so everyone can see what you have to bash him about; same goes for your judgement about their singing. Speak for yourself only when you talk about them corrupting all fangirls.

    By the way, you should be in hell right now, Johnny's mum.

  9. ko org malaysia ek.. hebat tul kutuk org ek.. memburukkn nama negara je.. malu aku.. even aku tak de r baek benor tp xde r sampai nk mgumpul dosa. tak kira r ko agama ape tapi sume agama ade ker y mgalakkn pengutukkn..

    satu je aku nak ckp ada ker org yang sempurna dalam dunia ni tp aku rase ko ni dah tahap cam sempurna benor sampai siap boleh mengutuk fizikal orang. talented or tak tu hak individu tuk menilai so aku xksh pun ko nk ckp ape.. xreti nyanyi ker or something.. hak ko pun.. tp y xsdp tu mghina fizikal.

    hope ko nie model atau somebody that y vogue and konon2 'perfect' so xde r cam malu sgt even mgutuk org.. ;)

    oh ya, pe pun tepuk ati tanya otak r ek.. blog ko pun so xksh r.. aku cuma bg pndapat aku je.. lgpun aku bukan kenal pun dak2 jepun tue.

    komen ok tapi mgutuk fizikal tu cam melampau r..

    world peace.. ~daa

  10. Eh...I don't believe religion has anything to do with it really, I mean, they are idols. Idols are meant to be criticised. If Johnny's mommy had 'sinned' then I'm sure Simon Cowell is the Lord of Hell.

  11. erm...ko org malaysia yer!!!ni mesti dh lame sgt x mkn cabai,kn...?sbb tu ko ckp 2 yg bukn2.nape...kt kwsn umah ko dh abis cabai ker?klu ko nk,aku blh poskn 50kg cabai masak kt ko...ko mention jer kt aku.

    aku heran ngan ko sbnornyer.ko kate kau xsuker,tp byk plak koleksi2 dorg yg ko ade.yg aku xthn blh plak ko kutuk dorg mcm2...muke buayalh,konon2 gangsterlh,lembiklh,mcm pmpuanlh...ntah ape2 lg yg ko mention.aku bkn apelh,aku rase ko pun tau kn yg setiap agama dlm dunia ni pun bgtau dn terangkn dgn jelas lg bersuluh bhw xde sorg manusia yg sempurna dlm dunia ni.tp klu ko dh bute sgt smpai sdap2 hati mengata org mcm 2,aku rase lbih baik ko minum peluntur(clorox)...bg cuci sikit hati ko yg dh hitam mcm bontot kuali...klu xcuci jgk,ko sental ngan berus besi.

    lagi 1 yg aku xpuas hati,ko sdap2 hati busuk ko mgata terang2 ttg dorg.ko kate ko benci nakamaru sbb hidung die bsar...lg ko kate muke ueda mcm pmpuan,koki selekeh...kame bermuka buaya!!!ape...muker ko 2 cntik sgt ker smpai ko sdap2 ckap bkn ttg org lain.heeeiii...klu ko dh cntik sgt..sempurna mcm bidadari kayangan...nape x tunjuk jer muker ko sbnrnyer!!aku pun nk tau jgk sehebat mane ko 2.ni x,ltak gmbr tembok mane ntah...agak2lh kn muker ko 2 mmg muker tembok kot.sbb tulh ko xmalu nk mgata.psl koki 2,lantak dielh nk pkai ape...yg ko sebok apesal!!!lg ueda...dh muker die cntik,nk wat mcm mane?!nape,ko jeles ker?

    ni 1st and last warning aku bgtau ko...bab2 fizikal ni please jgn mention lg yer!!!klu aku nmpak lg ko mengata dorg dlm blog ko @ mane2 part dlm internet ni...ko siap!!

    p/s: syorkan supaya kewargenegaran malaysia budak ni dilucutkan!!!!!

  12. Oh no, Johnny's Mommy is 'siap'. A crazy auntie with a kuali and steel brush is coming to get you.

    Run. Run for your life.


    Hey makcik, if you are so concerned with hygiene, how about you come clean my toilet?

  13. Oh my friend Atzie, bless thine kind soul for standing up for all that is intelligent and pure.

    I love thee for thine generosity and kindness.

    Err... wtf was she talking about again? xD Thanks for thine line by line translation. It will be appreciated, from the bottom of my heart.

  14. ano...it's that looked so really bad when you mention something bad about someone.as i know,that group it's so so completed with their own style.no one are perfect in this world,friends...!!!so i think you should not do it again after this.it's looked giving alot of hurt in their fans...like me!!!but,for what you wanna saying...it's your freedom to talking anything.and because of that too..i think they also can doing with what they wanna do,right?as their fans...i still keep support them forever with what they wanna do.thank's alot for your comment...it's really make me going love more than yesterday to them...KAT-TUN's guys...we'll still love you!!!ashiteru...muaahhh

    love from malaysia fans...v(^__^)v

  15. Oh look. Apparently someone's been taking grammar lessons from KAT-TUN songs.

    I could see what you mean by bad influence, Johnny's mommy.

    You people...do not seriously think you could put a gag on her mouth to shut her up from dissing anymore KAT-TUN do you?

  16. sorry u feel that way...

  17. Dear Lord. Fangirls, they're real!

    Haha, great post!

  18. I understand that this is your blog and you can write whatever you like here, but please do consider their fan's feelings. If you are a sensible person, you would understand this.

    Btw, It's Jin, not Jun. If you insist on critisizing them, at least spell their name right.

  19. Well...since we're talking about spelling and grammar...

    'their fan's feelings'

    So KAT-TUN has only one fan?

    How sad.

  20. im KT fan, no, indeed im JIN fan.
    i read your blog, and i laughed my ass off.seriously. LOL
    that PV is one of theirs that i cursed a lot.

    KT cant sing---> no,cause JIN can
    KT cant dance--> in that PV. YES. LOL.

    i dont agree w/ all of ur comments. but some of your critics make senses for me. and i like ur frankness in stating opinions.

    can see many ppl want to terror u now. lol. come on, ppl, everyone can speak. she is only throwing her personal pov and u all get mad. i wonder how if u meet my best friends who make a wanna-throw-up- faces everytime seeing kame n jin.

    im not suggesting u to keep bashing on KT. but i should thank u for making my day.
    how can i laugh for bad comments about my fav? weird ,aint i. but srsly it's cracking.

    p.s: yes, that shirt makes him looks fatter. but i like fat jin. =) and u should see some ppl who then began to wear that shirt too. LOLLL

  21. Well, at least one KAT-TUN fan has some sense.

    By the way. Makcik! Where are the cabai you promised? The food is ready! Cannot eat without cabai. Liar.

    And you haven't replied on the offer to clean my toilet!

  22. I read some of the posts on that forum about this post. It made me laugh in manifolds!

    I have no idea about this kat-tuna band though, but I think the fangirls are somewhat stepping over the line with their senseless comments. Fangirlism make their brains blind to the fact that they're the worst bashers in the universe and deserve the rude and horrible remarks themselves.

    My final words to the fangirls: looks who's talking.

  23. you there girl have major problems.

    Yes, there is freedom of speech, but as far as I know there is no such thing as 'freedom to insult'

    And for your info dear, there is such a thing called constructive criticism. Use it.

    Mind you, you should know where, when , how, and why you should use Destructive criticism.

    Am I a kat-tun fan? Yes. Still I criticize them from time to time, but not INSULTING.

    Girl mind you that even "freedom of speech" there is still called "Sensibility" Take advantage of it. Oh an by the way I inform you that the way you have spoken in that post made you look like a total (soory for my term) brat.

    Only brats and people who do not think before the speak, act like that.

    Mind your reality girl, understand them, unlike us, we have the freedom to do everyhting we want, while kat-tun they do everything what their boss tells them. Do you think that all they do is their own choice?

    Think well, even their clothes are the choice of others.. that's why there are stylists...

    Don't be narrow minded. look upon yourself before dissing others.

    And oh the english thing? understand also that everyone have different languages. you also right? Mind you that they only assigned english as the international language so what about others?? You would also insult them if they can't speak english right?

    And the singing... hey even if they are not that really good, they are able to make their voice sound good. Let me hear you sing then maybe I'll agree to some of your points.

    What you did was a total nonsense... You could've voiced out your thoughts wisely. We are all given a brain.. use it wisely...

  24. Oh, another preacher. Preaching to a stranger on the Internet. How caring. NOT. Stupid, really.

    Why don't you start your own blog on preaching and "sensibility" and direct it to all the KAT-TUN "bashers" out there. I'm sure they will appreciate it. Seriously.

    You should take Farris's advice and think yourself, Preacher: look who's talking.

    Well...not that I think you are much of a thinker yourself, talking with your foot in your mouth like that.

  25. Hahaha aren't you too preaching others? hahah you guys are just eating each others words...

    And the sensibility thing... think more you think its only for KAT-TUN?

    Oh if anyone is not thinking how can they type words here?

    You are the one who's not thinking... all you did was to attack my statements without valid points.

    I'm sure if this was presented in a debate your statement would be nullified...

    And besides if am not thinking I would have used uhmm 'unearthly insults' to get the point and yet I refrained myself I want to explain things clearly and yet you seem to miss my points. I even said sorry for the term "brat"

    Now what do you think? Give me other valid statements please...And maybe I'll accept your point.

    Oh one more thing.. may i ask you dear defender... is bashing good??

  26. Wow. I'm a defender now. Well okay, if that is how you want to put it.

    Is bashing good? well let's seee... you are smart, (or so you claim) then I suppose you can answer that yourself.

    After all, why ask someone who's "not thinking"?

    And yes, the whole point is to "attack" your statement without valid points because you are not making any sense either.Obviously you had missed the whole point from the start anyway, so why bother? I'm just here to entertain your KAT-TUN defending-preaching whims.

  27. the word thinking can be relative you know... and again please prove that i am not making sense.. back up your statements.. do not just plain type that I am not making sense... explain .. still you are not giving me any valid points...

    and besides.. the question about bashing... It was rhetorical ^^;; ooohh and oh don't assume things... I did in no way said that i am smart XD

  28. lol., this is funny.,:)) i love the way you say that you have no problem with them and the song and yet you keep bashing.-_- but anyway., what can i do, this your (haters)blog anyway.. (i am obviously a fan of them ^^) haha lol. anyway..

    i love KAT-TUN! yeah. peace~! ^^

  29. lolz.. really.. i just laughed my ass out the moment i read ur blog..

    KT can't dance and sing.. and not funny at all ..


    get a life bummer ..
    yes.. let's say ueda looks like a girl.. well it takes a pretty face to make the man, ne?
    mah.. that's how good he looks.

    aa.. so ur not a teenage fangirl.. well.. by the way you comment about them u seem like a little child wanting attention.

    to fangirls : just ignore her..
    She has THAT kind of opinion .

    remember, hate bred hate

  30. There's a fine line between fans who think their idols are gods and fans who think their idols are just human. I can say that I'm one of the latter. I agree to some of your comments (such as that Jin's sweater makes him look fat--actually, I don't think he is all that fat, but he is fat according to Japanese idol standards) and just ignore the people who got all hyped up by your entry--they're just delusional. To be honest, this PV isn't my favorite either, in fact it's my least favorite because Kame looked so fugly. Oh, but I disagree on the they couldn't this and that part. Actually they're one of the idol groups who sing well as opposed to...well, I wouldn't want to compare.



  32. LOL i simply find it hilarious how you spent so much time and effort ranting when you don't like something.

    If they're so popular, they must be a reason. Whether they're overrated or not, it's not up to you or anyone to judge.
    Same goes for any other artists.

  33. Shut the fuck up bitches! Its her blog she can say what ever the fuck she wants about shit.

    Kattun are over-rated pieces of horse cum anyway.

    And Jin is so fugly it hurts! eurasian/american girl loving pencil dick.

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