[Talk] Tegoshi and RyoPi

I know Tegoshi thinks he looks hot like this. I know he thinks he looks hotter than he ever was.

I know he is really proud of his mid-teen facial structure development.

But this Tegoshi pisses me off with the mere sight of him, his teeth, his smile, his hair. They all piss me off.

Bring old Tegoshi back. He was so likable. What happened? Was it the after effect of getting his teeth fixed?

Ugly teeth+unstyled hair+Ugly outfits = likable Tegoshi. T_TRyoPi.

They're not gay.

Really, they're not. Pi was dating Kitagawa Keiko and Abiru Yuu.

Ryo fanboyed over Leah Dizon, Penelope Cruz and a lot of big boobed gravure models.

They both have things in common, they like big boobed models.

XDDDDDDDD But they're so ghey. xDDD Which is... um, kinda... good.

I envy how they grew up together.

I don't know anyone I grew up with other than my family.

They looked stupid together. They went through puberty together.They debuted together.
They were suspended from group activities together.They started anew together with NewS.It is just really sweet.
Good. 18 more days till exams end. 14 more days to exams.

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  1. Awww T-T

    Yea, it would be nice to grow up with someone like that. They look so...happy and close o.o

  2. Riiight? I so want a BFF. T_T

  3. Same T-T. Sometimes friends go through too quickly...where is the tolerance? O.O

  4. Never knew Tegoshi looked like *that* before O.o

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