[Buzz] Koda Kumi Brought Tohoshinki to M-Sta!

I am too touched for words.


Kuu is bringing Tohoshinki to Music Station. Finally, they are setting foot onto the stage that was originally prohibited to non-Johnny's boybands.

I got this from TVfXQ! LJ so credits to them. Look! KAT-TUN will be on with their new single, "Keep the Faith" and Koda Kumi featuring Tohoshinki, "Last Angel".

I was fantasizing about this, since Kuu is a frequent M-sta appearer. I was wondering if this single won't be featured on M-Sta! I was wondering IF Kuu is powerful enough already to bring a non-JE boyband to M-Sta.

She is. She is my new goddess. (NOT only because she brought Tohoshinki to M-Sta) but also for the fact that she actually can sing! "Ai no Uta", "Yume no Uta" Gewd.

I am crossing my fingers until 16th of November.

xD The image playing in my mind would be tall, hunky Korean boys takin' on skinny malnourished KAT-TUN. That would be a spectacle.

Don't get me wrong, I like KAT-TUN. But I prefer Tohoshinki over KAT-TUN.

^^ Finally! I hope this really is true!


I read up and put a lot of thoughts into this thing.

I read something about Utaban and Tohoshinki. Yes, Utaban and Tohoshinki are in the same sentence. Nakai from SMAP hosts Utaban. SMAP is Johnny's.

I thought it was impossible. I am confused.

I also hope that this M-Sta thing is not a one-time thing.

But Avex and Johnny's always had a thing going on.

I mean, with Ayu and Nagase, Kuu and Nakai (Yes! Kuu and Nakai!), Jin and Takako (from Speed, Speed was Avex.) so... they always had a thing between them. I hope Johnny's would close one eye with Tohoshinki just cos they are Avex and Avex and Johnny's cooked up a lot of rumours just to boost their popularity.

I think a lot about this.

I hope I get to see the performance next, next week!

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