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Oh this group analysis took a long time to develop. They are difficult to figure out, you see. I needed time.

After trying to watch as many as possible of their videos and stuff (during my finals... yes) I finally think that I know them enough, I mean, their on camera characters, to comment.

I am very, extremely fond of them.

From only knowing MatsuJun to liking everyone else more than MatsuJun, I came a looong way.

I am going to start with MatsuJun. MatsuJun the 'elite' in Johnny's MatsuJun who skipped audition and became a Junior right away. MatsuJun who appeared in so many dramas. MatsuJun who charmed so many teeny boppers.
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He started out really cute. As a young boy, I mean. Buck-toothed, but cute. He grew, still hot, but less willing to make fun of himself for the sake of entertainment. His unwillingness to participate, his anger when forced to, shows. However, he is, after all, hot stuff. Hot stuff has to take care of his image. I guess. Whatever.

MatsuJun can't sing for shit, yet acts out too much while singing. MatsuJun overdances. MatsuJun...

Moving on. Nino. I have to say, I didn't like Nino upon first seeing him. He looks like one of those... stingy man who bothers about everything. You borrow 5 cents from him, you pay him 5 cents. The fact of the matter is, he is stingy. But to what extent, I wouldn't know.
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Nino who appeared in "Letters From Iwojima", Nino who worked with Clint Eastwood. Nino the really, extremely good actor. He grew on me the most out of all. Since I didn't like him at first. I watched his Ni no Arashi segment. I was him being stupid with Ohno. I watched him bully Aiba, in a good way, of course. He grew on me, he will grow on you. Whoever you are.

Nino can't dance. Nino the whiny baby. Nino who shaved his head for a movie.

Sho. Sho who graduated from Keio University. Sho the muscle-y buffed man. Sho raps. Sho appears to be smart. Sho is rumoured to be smart. Sho the member who is no less funny and foolishly endearing than the others.
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Sho the news man! Sho with his cute bunny front teeth. Sho the actor. I like Sho.

Aiba the endearing member. Aiba the innocent one. Aiba the most hardworking of all (IMO). Aiba knows no shame. Aiba does things without much complaint. Aiba deserves a salute from me. Aiba has weak lungs.
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Aiba who looks better with dark hair. Aiba who actually is totally hot when you see him with the right hair. Aiba who joined Johnny's to play basketball with SMAP.

Leader, Captain, Ohno. The 27-year-old, eccentric, artsy, surprisingly good at singing and dancing, tense leader of the gang of bakas. Ohno who was forced to be the leader after a rock paper and scissors game forced on them by their Senior, Higashiyama Noriyuki. Ohno who looks younger as each year passes since their debut.
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Ohno who provoked Nakai, also his senior, everytime he went on his show. Ohno who wears clothes bought by his mother. Ohno who wanted to buy a chainsaw just to cut a tree. Ohno who molds clay as hobby. Ohno, who plays retarded characters so effing well. Ohno who can be surprisingly sane when speaking to some elder folks... Ohno is my favourite. Not from the way beginning, but pretty much since I started to get to know this group.

What made them last for 8 years and remain so popular is probably their friendship. You can tell by watching. They all shared a strawberry. They are supportive of each other. No matter how stupid the things they were asked to do. They do it together.

I envy their cooperation and teamwork.

With Nino setting foot onto Hollywood, I thought he would be too big for the crap they keep doing. But no. He continued doing them. It is so WAH.

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