[Movie] Life is Hard, dakara Happy


Starring: Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho.

Following the events from the first movie "Life is Hard Dakedo Happy" the second movie picks up where the first ends.

Two years down the road, Takuma found himself back in Yashio again to negotiate for a record deal. He become 'cool', riding his skateboard, storming back into the suburban town.

The four that was left behind two years ago all moved on with their lives, Chu became a salesman and quit the gang after he impregnated another gang's leader.

He now works hard to meet the needs of his newborn son.
Shun became a knitting diva after he found his talent in knitting. He failed the entrance exam to Aoyama University a couple of times and found his talent in the knitting department and then knitted his way up to become an instructor in the uni.

He now wears only what he knits. And yes, that is a tiara on his head.
Bon split from the group as he trained to be a chef at another town. His cooking is still unable to satisfy his strict master. To prevent the rest from worrying, he would photoshop his pictures on to pictures of famous locations and send them back.

Haru is most pissed when Bon left and did not fight for a cause that I will later explain.
Haru. Haru works two jobs, one at the local departmental store's food section. He now lives with that old woman he was doing in the previous movie. It was gross. His other job was this. He quickly found himself very into a protest against development at Yashio.

A block of apartment was to be demolished to build a modern building with lots of stuff. The locals were against it, led by a mysterious woman whom Haru adores.
Takuma came back to find all things changed. During his stay here, the group find themselves involved in a local controversial um... stuff.

And only by the five uniting again that this shit can be solved. xD I said this "shit"... xD xD
After the problem was solved and all things are back to normal again, Takuma is leaving for California again to presumably continue with his skateboarding career.

From the first movie:
To the second movie:
The boys realize that their friendship is precious and here to stay.
De javu is the word to describe this ending.

Anyways, Haru handed each a log book and on that log book is written the title of the movie which means, "Life is Hard, so [that's why it's] Happy", which is slightly different than the title of the first "Life is Hard BUT Happy".

Takuma then headed off again as the four worked hard back in Yashio.

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