I have obsessions.

They don't take over my life.

But they pretty much take over my blog.

So, to keep my blog from being infested by crap like brainless fangirling, I created another blog especially for it.

I know, such a genius of me to do so.

It is a total coincidence that I created this blog on Nishikido Ryo's berfdei. I created it, and then poof I went into an LJ community filled with updates dedicated to him

And then I was like "Oh so its his berfdei ka?"

What do you think I keep a log of berfdeis of idols? No shit. I am not that crazy.

Okay, I used to have one, but that is way before my Johnny's phase.

Threw that out ages ago.

Why? Because I turned 20. That's why.

No way in hell am I going to remember the berfdei of someone who doesn't remember mine. I don't even remember some of my friends' berfdei. >.>

With credits to Vendy, I shall put up these leaked pictures of what would seem to be NewS's second album. Pacific is the name.

The one below and the scans from NewS's weeeek single.

NewS went on Utaban and M-sta promoting their single.

Will do capspam in a bit. Have to finish my quota for the day first. Studying quota, I mean.

M-sta is no longer airing on Animax. Damn it. T_T

There goes seeing Kanjani8 on the TV screen which is a lot bigger than the monitor. T_T

Blasted Animax.

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