[Single] NewS - weeeek

Lo and behold as the power of Johnny's Jimusho tramples all the others and smash them into sticky goo.

NewS's single topped the charts, while the five other new singles for the week followed.

Their album, "Pacific" also topped the album charts.

64068 copies sold within the week.

Tohoshinki and Koda Kumi's was third only.

At 6th we have W-inds with Beautiful Life. I thought W-inds split, since Tachibana Keita had a solo single album whatever. Whatever.

weeeek is not included in the Pacific album, thus forcing insane fans who have disposable income to spend more purchasing both. weeeek single (the W is not intended to be capital lettered because... that is the way Japanese people does things. >.> Sometimes they cap all, sometimes they cap normally, sometimes they don't cap.) has two versions, the normal edition and the limited edition.

The difference is the CD booklet and the third song of the single. Thus making people buy even more.

Have you heard? Tohoshinki's third Japanese album has... about... 7 versions.

I am not effing kidding, but that should be left for another entry.

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