[Drama] Yukan Club - Episode 7

The Yukan Club got themselves into trouble again! In this 7th episode, Mike He, Taiwanese actor made an appearance as the Prince of some make-believe country who went to Japan to escape from a rebelling general.

Since Yuri’s dad and the King went to Cambridge together, Prince Kasaru will live at her house for the moment. Karen is determined to seduce Kasaru as he is hot and rich and a freaking prince. Karen wants so badly to become a princess.

But, just as Kasaru was thought to be free from harm or any threat of being harmed since the general was caught, the followers of the general caught lovebirds Kasaru and Karen and forced the King to free the general.

This is when Yukan Club tries to save the day.

Firstly, Mike He’s Japanese almost killed me. I don't get Japanese, but Mike's tone was soooo MANDARIN but unintelligible to those that don't know Japanese. You get it? It is like he could have been speaking Mandarin but you don't get it. It is very stressful this way. My ears hurt. It’s like his words stuffed my ear in an attempt to drive me crazy. Mike will appeal more if he just sat there and shut up. Just NOT talk. But when you really look at it, Mike is hotter than Jin.

But since I am in an Arashi, Taguchi and Yoko phase… it will be unfair for me to compare Mike with Taguchi or Yoko, because although Mike most probably is hotter, I won’t admit it. ^^

Yuri is sho kiut! Like she kept eating and eating. ^^ And Yoko… or rather Seishiro is so cool! If only Yoko can learn from the character he is playing, like not talk too much and be more intelligent… Yoko’s character in Haikei Chichiue sama pissed me off MAJORLY, but I only watched one episode of that, so I have yet to decide.

On English. Kashii Yu… was she really the one speaking all the English? WOW! Akanishi Jin… you got that American accent going on there dontcha? Looks like the months you spent in LA wasn’t just on partying and drinking and umm… other stuff.

But I am in this really big Arashi phase right now… I just like the group as a whole, you know? Unlike the others which I only like one or two members from the group, Arashi comes in a package, you cannot choose! It’s one big freaking bag of member love there.

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  1. O.O i suddenly feel like watching this drama.

  2. I love this drama, and this is very funny !!!mdr
    J'aime ce drama, et c'est vraiment rigolo !!!mdr

  3. I think Mike's japanese was just fine considering he's acting as a FOREIGNER. Love your review though :) One more thing... Doesn't jin resemble kim hyun-joong(of BOF fame) in this. I haven't watch any other of jin's drama but i think he looks like hyun-joong. just a thought.

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