[Buzz] Akasaka Akira the Junkie

Akasaka Akira of Hikaru Genji, the 80s Johnny's boyband who made roller skates the stuff to own in Japan back in the days, was arrested last week or something for drug possession. He was and probably still is, doing Meth.

Johnny fired his ass.

He was involved in a play called Playzone which was to be released as a DVD soon, but it was canceled due to the arrest.

Uchi Hiroki and Kusano Hironori, formerly of NewS appeared in that play after about 2 years hiding from the spotlight. They were suspended for underage drinking.

They waited for two years only to see their DVD being canceled. Poor things. Oh, I really don't quite care, but whatever.

Anyways, we all know (from Wikipedia) that Domoto Koichi (DoKo) and Imai Tsubasa are two of the Four Dancing Monkeys, I mean Kings of Johnny's. The four are said to be the best dancers in Johnny's history.

Well, the other two are actually Higashiyama Noriyuki from Shounentai and this guy whose ass was fired because of meth, Akasaka Akira.

And then there were three.

And I don't know about Akasaka, cos in Johnny's Countdowns, I don't see him dancing that much, since he was probably high on all sorts of drugs. But Higashiyama, DoKo, and Tsubasa sure can dance. ^^

This year's Johnny's I am looking forward to so badly.

All sorts of rumours are flying around about Uchi and Kusano's return to NewS and Kanjani8.

The way I see things, Uchi back to Kanjani8, maybe. Since he appeared on stage at a Kanjani8 concert in Tokyo Dome a few months ago. I bet Johnny sent him up or he wouldn't have the guts to go up. Drunkard. But I like him better than that Kusano dude.

I think Uchi and Kusano won't go back to NewS. NewS will from now on be a 6-member group unless Pi was caught doing drugs or Ryo caught raping... it is always something.

Yeah, most probably Kusano will just... whatever, who cares.

Johnny's Countdown! Not on TV... the only Japanese channel I have is NHK which will be airing Kouhaku. So I will have to wait for it.

But this year is surely going to be exciting. I mean... Hey!Say! Jump will be on it... lets count.

HSJ - 10
NewS - 6
Kanjani8 - 7 (Hopefully 8)
TxT - 2
Arashi - 5
KK - 2
V6 - 6
SMAP (They don't attend Countdowns. Bastards with huge egos)
Shounentai - 3
Kondo Masahiko will probably be there. - 1


Oh wait, Okamoto Kenichi. This will be the first time a father and a son will be on stage as performers together in a Johnny's Countdown.


Wow. Thats... more than ever, I think.

Can't wait. 10 more days till finals are dunzo.

Can't wait for that either.

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