[Buzz] Tetsu Engaged!

Oh excitement.

Tetsu, bassist and leader of L'Arc~en~Ciel is engaged to actress Sakai Ayana! This is news fresh from the oven!!

I liked her! She was that girl in Hana Yori Dango who appeared for like, one or two episodes as the girl who was in that competition against Tsukushi... She is in Mop Girl too... for one episode... have yet to watch that... it stars Kitagawa Keiko (once said to be dating Pi... oh she can so do better than Pi.)

She is 22 this year and Tetsu 38. Can you spell GAP?

That is a big, big gap, but who cares? They're cute together.

Didn't even know they were dating.


But Ken and Tanaka Rena (NOT that MoMusu one) have been dating for ages... you wonder when they are going to get hitched... or have they and I don't know yet?

xD The fact that Tetsu is always in Hyde's shadow doesn't surprise me, but saddens me a bit.

He is... my favourite, you know?

BUT I am freaking surprised that he ain't gay. I mean there were rumours about him dating people... but I always thought it was a cover. Like he has the word GAY written all over him... not that I care... because it is absolutely okay. But it is just... I am surprised, you know?

Aww... it is so sweet. Like, I love weddings.

When I found out Jin was dating Uehara Takako until the industry drove them apart... I suddenly thought that everyone should get married... cos once they're married, crazy fans would kill themselves and the world would be a better place.

xD I hope Ryo dates Leah Dizon... Seriously... xD For once in my life... I stopped caring. Rumours about Ohno and Minami makes me think oh Ohno is lucky cos Minami is so cute. (Yukan Club... xD)

They should all get married, and psycho fans should just... I don't know... go check into an asylum?

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