[Artist] Gackt

Gackt is a weird man.


Why did I watch him anyways?

I just saw that he is available for me to watch and then Ka-poof, I am pulled into the realm of weirdness again.

But I just got reminded that his music is not half bad.

In fact, some of them are really good.

Gackt cracks me up sometimes. The freak is hilarious.

His quirkiness.., puts people off sometimes. But its okay, I guess...

OMFG I am acknowledging the fact that he is okay. I am reminded of a long, long time ago, when I was in school, and then there was a red file...

Oookay, lets not go back. Such memories should be locked into a chest and then the chest should be shipped off into wherever, and then being thrown into the ocean. Or something.

Thanks, Gackt, for all the stupid, embarrassing memories.

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  1. ah... the red file...

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