[Movie] Tokyo Tower

Starring: Okada Jun'ichi, Kuroki Hitomi, Matsumoto Jun, Terajima Shinobu.


This is a story about love. Or rather how unguarded feelings can be troublesome. When they say love is blind, do they encourage people to just let their feelings roam?

This movie follows the pursuit of love that two friends experience. Two friends with the same taste for women. Older, married women. Tooru has a rich mother. His mother has rich friends. That was how he met Shifumi. He fell in love at first sight with Shifumi and maintained a 3-year-affair with her. That was when the movie opens, as the two reminisce how they first met while pleasuring each other. Tooru soon realised that he can never have enough as he waited patiently for her calls. Being more on the passive side, all he did was wait until she calls for a meeting.

On the other hand, Koji actively pursues Kimiko, the wife of a typical white collar worker after Tooru told him mature women are better than women their age. For Koji, this is not new. He tried bedding older women since he was in his final year of high school. He seduced his schoolmate's mother, who surprisingly agreed to it.

The young men soon found themselves addicted, wanting more and more of what the women can't give. Married women prioritize their husbands. While Tooru continued his steady but secret relationship with Shifumi, Koji, the playboy found himself troubled by Kimiko's surprising sluttiness, his girlfriend and the daughter of the first older women he bedded. And then there's love and tears, and above all, there's trouble.


The cast is what made me watch this slow paced movie which is not my type. But it stars Johnny's best, hottest ever. Not my favourites, but everyone agrees that they're hot. Liking them, and thinking that they're hot are two different things.

I guess this movie makes people think. When people get married, how the heck do they know that he or she is the one?


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