[Drama] Hanayome to Papa

Starring: Ishihara Satomi, Tokito Saburo, Taguchi Junnosuke, Koizumi Kotaro, Shiraishi Miho, Oshinari Shugo.

Episodes: 12
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A 20-year-old Uzaki Aiko thought that she will have the curfew that was imposed on her for 20 years removed when she becomes employed. But her overprotective father still treats her like a 5-year-old. The house rules include coming home by 7p.m., no relationships and many others.
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That is until she met Miura Seiji and fell for him and her work. Oh and her boss is damn hot. Okay, I am done.
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This is a spring 2007 drama and I am watching it when fall 2007 dramas are airing.
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But since I was watching Taguchi Junnosuke in Yukan Club I thought I might as well watch this since he is in there as well. And Taguchi is funny!
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Koizumi Kotaro is former Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro's son. Yes, the First Son is a hot shot actor. He appeared in Attention Please as well!

Ishihara Satomi reminds me a lot of Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin. And Uzaki Kentarou aka the controlling father pissed me off so much I wanted to strangle him if I could. (O.o) Ishihara used to be in a drama called Teru Teru Kazoku with Nishikido Ryo. xD And, and in that drama Nishikido serenaded her in English. I was like... *imitates Nakai in the puking action.* Blllueeek.


Oshinari Shugo played a minor character, but I spotted him right away! He appeared in Yukan Club as well with Taguchi!

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