[Movie] Ao no Hono

Starring: Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsuura Aya, Suzuki Ann.


Nino stars as Kushinari Shuichi, a high school boy who is brainstorming ways to get rid of his ex-stepfather who was divorced from his mother ten years ago. The drunkard stepfather of his just showed up one day and moved back into his house. Strangely, his mother did nothing to stop him from doing so.

This movie chronicles Shuichi's umm... decision making process as he masterminds the perfect method to remove the drunkard from his house.

Ayaya plays Noriko, the quiet, mysterious girl from school. There seems to be... um... mutual feelings of... puppy love between the two. Such feelings, I am not comfortable describing, so I will leave it at that. Because high school lovey dovey shit sickens me. (O.o) But as he warms up to her, he realizes that she is not as proud as he initially thought she was. And... it ends there, my description.

Suzuki plays the sister - Haruka. The drunkard pervert of a stepfather occasionally tries to get it on with her. That sickening old man would then get into a fight with Shuichi who would race to rescue his baby sister with a baseball bat. Haruka would then try to stop Shuichi from beating the crap out of the old freak. Hell, if I were her, I would grab another baseball bat and beat the old freak to a pulp myself. Freaking old pervert. But then that's me... Oh wait... I was trying to write a synopsis...


Nino can act. Oh, I am amazed. No wonder the guy got so many roles in movies and dramas. =O JE boys surprise me day after day. To add oil to the fire, there are so many of them. I wonder when can I get out of this phase.

Being 20 when this movie was filmed, he could easily convince me that he is in high school. Being 25 today, he can still easily convince me so. Did you know Nino shaved his head for a movie? Not this movie, another movie. Shows how dedicated he is...

This movie has so many twists and turns that I don't know where is the climax. It is such a good movie. I seriously am in awe with the way the story goes, the way the story ends, the choices Shuichi made. I wonder if he was caught up in the situation or just plain rash. Is he thoughtful or impulsive. Plenty of things that I wonder and wonder.

This is a movie worthy of my two hours.


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