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Allow me to pause for a moment, and laugh.

I am sorry, I am going to step on some toes here. But I cannot not laugh and tell it to the world how much I shall ridicule this drama and its casting.

I shall start now.

OHHOHHOHHOHHO. WAHHAHHAHHAHHA. What? Laughing is good. As Kanjani8 said a while ago, if I laugh, you will laugh. If you laugh, someone else will laugh along. So... I am spreading the joy and love. Be nice to me. T_T

Yeah, Yamapi? Doctor? Yamapi? DOCTOR? YAMAPI? DOCTOR?

My dog is James Bond. Yes, when the clock strikes 3 a.m., it morphs into the secret agent person and goes in search for Vesper Lynd and Honey Rider.

C'mon, it doesn't work this way. If I were lying on the stretcher, Yamapi would be the second last person I want doctoring me. The last one would be Aiba, of course. He doesn't have the... look. I know there's a reason why its a drama, but still, I see Pi, I see Akira. Remember "Akira SHOCK!"? Yeah. I can accept him as a swindler, a jobless time traveler, an idiot schoolboy, but a doctor? There is a limit on how unbelievable dramas can get, and Pi starring as a doctor just crossed the line.

In addition to that, Gakki and Erika... okay these two are a wee bit more acceptable. Just a wee bit more. 20-year-olds aren't supposed to be out of medical school yet. They are trying to act beyond their years and its just not right. They should go star as some impregnated teen who went through fucked up teenage years and cry to their boyfriends who are dying of leukaemia. Anything that doesn't involve a stethoscope round their neck and uttering medical terms which they most probably have no idea what they mean.

I will watch this though. ^^ Just to see how bad it gets. No doubt fans will like this because of the cast. Its Gakki and Pi reuniting! xD Hell, even I am excited. As I said it before, I shall say it again, I hope there's a cat fight that involves hair yanking and I hope there's Pi's character falling off from a helicopter and something dramatic like that. ^^ I can tell already, Erika will win the fight, she just works the bitchy look way better. We knew that back in Hana Yori Dango ~Returns~.

Drama starts 3rd of July. Summer is here~ summer is here! Well, in my case, its always summer...

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