[Buzz] Maou

The cast is set, the date for airing is set. Everything is in motion and Ohno will be the leading character with Toma in the new drama "Maou" that is coming to your screen faster than you can say "Nicolaus Copernicus".
And I hate to say it, but the overall style of Ohno's character makes him look... his age... which is kinda like... rare. Since Ohno looks like... um... not his age.

Toma looks yummy in that detective character. Very yummy. I think I like it better than the Nakatsu look that made Toma the Toma that Toma is today.
And what the hell is Gekidan Hitori doing in the cast list? I absolutely hate that obnoxious dude.

I think Ohno's character will be like an evil dude. I can't wait.

The poster looks cool too.

Its airing on the 4th of July. Ah, a good Independence Day pressie for American fans eh?

We wait with anticipation and joy and all things fluffy and wholesome.

Please do amaze me, I have wanted to get a drama dose of Ohno for a while. I am sure there are others like me. I am sure there are others who are happier than I am.

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