[Movie] Akumu Tantei


Starring: Matsuda Ryuhei, hitomi, Ando Masanobu
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A man named Kagenuma has special abilities which allows him to enter and interfere in people's dreams and read people's minds. In the prologue of the movie, it appears that he hated his special abilities as they only lead him to see the ugliness in the people and their selfish thoughts.
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On the other hand, Kiriyama Keiko is a female detective who had previously been doing desk work, in hopes of gaining hands-on experience of investigating cases, she was transferred to a new department and along with two male detectives - Ishida and Wakamiya, she was placed in charge of a case that seems to be suicide. Another case surfaced where a man was cutting himself while being in a nightmare, as witnessed by the victim's wife. The victims were later discovered to have called the same person (known as '0') right before their death.
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Convinced that they need help from 'the other side' - meaning enlisting the help of psychics, Wakamiya and Kiriyama were sent to recruit Kagenuma's assistance in the case. Kagenuma refused upon their first meeting. The detectives were forced to a dead end in the case and thus tried to locate '0' by calling the phone number themselves. When Wakamiya was at risk of committing suicide in his nightmare, Kiriyama pleaded for Kagenuma's help, to which he complied.

Oh then stuff happens.


Matsuda Ryuhei has to stop acting in freaking so-called 'eccentric' movies. 4.6 Okunen no Ai, Koi no Mon, Rampo Jigoku... sure, they're very... artistic and stuff. But gosh, they freak me out majorly. This is another freaky one.

And he likes gay characters too, lik in 4.6 Okunen no Ai and Gohatto - his first movie. I hate to say it, but it suits him well. xD He's an uke. ANYWAYS, the most normal movie of his that I have watched would probably be NANA and Koisure Madori, probably Renai Shashin as well. All the romance movies.

This is one of the two movies I have watched with Ando Masanobu and Matsuda Ryuhei. I have to say, while Matsuda Ryuhei still is weird and eccentric as ever, Ando's change is so great I couldn't even tell that its him straight away. I was staring at him, thinking I have seen him somewhere, after 5 minutes then it struck me. I even had to look him up to ensure the fact that its him. WOW. xD Did I mention he is sexy? Yeah.

hitomi's character was irritating me in the beginning. You know, head-strong women with emotional problems. Appearing all stoic and cold and cocky. O_o Yeah.

Matsuda Ryuhei can really crack me up, even if its a serious scene. xD Something about the face and his freaky characters. xD If there's a comedy in which he stars, I am sure to laugh even if he was just standing there. xD Something about him just strikes my funny nerve. xD

I guess the movie is just trying to say that everyone has something sad that can be manipulated into creating suicidal thoughts in ourselves. Just a bunch of words which may lead you to think that you are suicidal was what the 'murderer' in the movie was doing.

Oh well, movies like that are to... 'deep' or freaky, whichever way works for me, if you think you're a good and analytic film critic whatever, then the first will be the more appropriate. I'm just an airhead therefore freaky will work BETTER for me. xD I often watch movies and finish them and then I go... "HUH?! WTF?" Yeah, that's all.

Rating: 3/5 (Funny factor. xD Matsuda Ryuhei.) There's a sequel to this movie. I don't know why the hell does this movie need a sequel, but hell, I would have watched a documentary about bank officers if Matsuda Ryuhei were in it. xD

Lastly... xD Matsuda Ryuhei. Because I can.
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