[Talk] Okamoto Keito and His Daddy


Well yeah, I know a lot of people dislike this boy because of his reliance on the daddy-factor to debut. Or so, many would like to think. I have to say that I don't like this boy, but its NOT about the daddy factor. God knows, I like Otokogumi and their songs. (Uh-huh, you heard me right. "Daybreak" and "Mihari" are brilliant.) I am going into why I don't like this boy later. I am going to talk about how you should not judge a person by who they are connected with in order to get there. Sure, he has certain privileges that others don't. But its rather unfair to dismiss him as utterly worthless before you observe a bit more. Everyone needs a bit of connection or everyone needs to kiss the right ass to get somewhere. Its the way of life. If you stay cocky and refuse to compromise, refuse to tolerate and befriend the right people, you'll be stuck in your own hole and like... fade into oblivion or something.

Well yeah, whatever. I know what its like to have people whisper behind you about how you got ahead just because you are connected with people. Its not a good feeling. And I had it. I was better than like... 99.9% of the little bitches, thats why I got ahead. And I proved it in the end. Ah, the taste of victory was sweet. Victory that you gained after hardwork and sweat. So I kind of am silently rooting for this boy to prove his worth even though I hate his guts.

Just that... I hate him to much to even want to see him on my screen. I am sorry. He is so awkward with that smile. That lingering smile on his face. He looks like a lizard. xD I'm sorry. His dad is like... quite hot in his days - or so I heard. His mom is a model. How did they produce this little boy to look so... awkward. I mean, kids who have famous parents should be at least a bit less... awkward. His expressions are always, and I mean ALWAYS the same.

But silently, I want to see him top the rest, be the star, show his worth. And like, learn a few different facial expressions. That consistent smile makes me wanna like... punch my screen. But, obviously, I refrained. So yes, this boy and I have something in common. Its not a good thing to have in common. But I hope he shows that even if you have a connection, doesn't mean that you cannot work it, baby!

I will still make fun of him and his... SMILE. THAT SMILE IS FAKKING ANNOYING. But I am rooting. Just that I wont really say it after this entry because... RAWR! I am supposed to hate him.

I am so contradictory sometimes.

But its all fine because I am changeable. So... at different times, I feel different things about certain things. xD Savvy?

P/s: Its about time he STOP saying how he lived in England and therefore he can speak English. xD Cos like... xD I am sorry to say, not that my English is that good. But at least I don't go around saying that I can speak it well when I really can't. xD

Its almost as bad as Kibum and YooChun saying that they can but they can't. xD

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