[TV] Arashi no Shukudaikun

2 June 2008

Guest: Nishikawa Takanori (T.M. Revolution) a.k.a. lead singer of Abingdon Boys School.

Hilariously funny episode. Am contemplating to write to Johnny's and tell them they should, in fact, produce comedians as well. You know, Yoshimoto will face tough rivals. xD
The hint on the box was saying that the guest for the day was a musician from the Kansai region. Then Aiba was like "Oh finally! A musician is coming to the show!" and yes, finally. The show likes gravure idols, comedic duos (manzai) and female actresses. So its good that finally, someone of some substance is coming to the show. NOT THAT THE OTHERS ARE NOT OF SUBSTANCE. You should get my drift if you are watching the show. Its like, the guests are just a lame reason for the show to go on and you know 99.9% of the fans sitting there are Arashi fans and the other 0.1% are fans of Ogura. The same with you and me who are watching the show.

I can't believe T.M. Revolution came on the show though. xD Nice pink outfit he had on there. Anyways, Jun was like "Wow, almost no musicians come to the show since ELT." xD When ELT went on the show, it was hilarious, btw. Did you know this Nishikawa Takanori or T.M. Revolution (I will call him Nishikawa for simplicity's sake.) was once married to Yumi of Puffy AmiYumi? Yeah, Ami married Teru from Glay and Yumi (She was the chick who used to sit at the back of DoTs for Domoto Kyoudai.) Yeah, just mentioning it.
I don't get whats up with Jun's double-glasses thing, but yeah. xD I think its fashion-Johnny's style. Nishikawa wants ramen, so Arashi gave him ramen. I think that its because its a STAR who came to the show... neither Sho nor Aiba went on and custom make any special ramen dishes. God knows, sometimes they can be hazardous. Aiba and Ohno came up with "boke"s and Nishikawa was like "Ah, it must be difficult to have two of them (stupid people) in one group." xD Aiba was like "This ain't 100% grapefruits, I eat it a lot, I know." xD Ohno was asking if something was beef jerky when they already told the crowd what it was earlier. Anyways, after Nishikawa said that, Nino was like "Recently, *points to Sho* this one is awakening the stupid in him too." xDDDDD Well yeah, and he might be the greatest among them. Nishikawa was like "Ah so more than half?" xD Yes, its difficult but fuckin' hilarious. xD Whoops. I swore.
Then they brought this old chef up on the stage to cook the ramen with like red hot stones. And this old man, seriously. I think he's senile or something. xD Sho kept imitating him and that exaggerating manner of speaking. I watched this at 4.00 a.m. and I was howling like a wolf. (the word howling, pun not intended. xD Abingdon Boys School is actually not bad though...) When the old dude was like putting the rocks into the soup, he was like "Don't be shocked." xD After he did his job Sho was like "Err... I am not really shocked or anything." xDDD When Nishikawa was asking where the stones came from, the old man was like "Can I say it? Its Japan's Ibaraki prefecture's... Ibaraki prefecture's... very hard stones..." xD Aiba was confused.... xD Nino had to explain. xD Stupid Aiba, bossy Nino.
xD Then there was this weird gesture the old man did... xD OMFG and Sho imitated and Ohno was contemplating if he should and eventually didn't.
xD I can't... xD its so funny that even as I type this I am laughing like hell. Even after the old dude was off the stage, Sho was STILL imitating him during the next dish tasting session. Sho... was a closet idiot who came out recently. You can so tell that when he was thinking of doing it he was laughing and took him that long to do that. xD Idiot, I tell you. Ohno was gesturing to Sho and said that Sho will definitely like the next dish and then they were like "what are you a couple?" What couple? Arashi's an effing fivesome. xD
I think everyone should watch this shit. Because the funny-ness cannot be translated through words. xD The game was funny to, Sho was placed under the spotlight again. Seriously, is everything that Sho does these days funny now? Anyway, Nino was like saying how this is the game Sho does best in the history of Shukudaikun. xD (Well, I remember a certain segment where they had to come up with a way to react to a situation like... proposal... asking a girl on a date... and Sho... well... lets just say he didn't excel.) Lastly when Aiba asked if this game worked, Nishikawa said yes, BUT only if Sho is jumping on the trampoline.

With this, I shall declare a hiatus on this blog until 18th of June. xD Finals start on the 12th for me. And I am still doing this. T_T

Oh well. I need some joy in my life and this stupidity that Arashi has is the best crack one can find around here.

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