[Drama] Kisarazu Cat's Eye


Episodes: 9

Starring: Okada Junichi, Sakurai Sho, Sato Ryuta, Tsukamoto Takashi, Okada Yoshinori, Sakai Wakana, Kohinata Fumiyo, Yakushimaru Hiroko, Furuta Arata, Narimiya Hiroki...

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This drama follows the story of Bussan (real name Tabuchi Kouhei) who was diagnosed with cancer when he was 21 years of age. It was then that he decided that he was going to do some serious shit, since he had only 6 months to live, he might as well just go around and do all sorts of shit along with 4 of his pals, Bambi, Master, Ani and Ucchie. Set in a town called Kisarazu, hence the title and the name of the group, the story is laced with eccentricity and um... wackiness.

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Actually, the idea sprouted when Bambi asked Bussan if he has anything that he wants to do before the half a year passes by, besides what he had been doing up till that point in time - which is drinking and baseball and that is about all. After considering the alternatives at hand... such as finding a girlfriend, debut in a band and being a pornstar, Bussan settled on the idea of doing suspenseful crap.

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Bambi is a university student, Master is a father, Ani is the loser elder brother of a future baseball star, Ucchie... he is an enigma. And Bussan is a dying man. This is the story of how friends support each other through doing meaningless stuff when one of them is dying. ^^

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Frankly, I have no effin' idea what the story was actually conveying or where the story was heading. Its a weird one, sort of like young people doing meaningless crazy shit kinda story. The money they got from their adventures are never used for themselves.

You know... weird stuff.

Young Sho. xD Back when he wasn't that stupid. Young Okada, before he becomes the hotshot that he is today. Tsukamoto Takashi, whom to this day, isn't really as big as he should be.

I like the cast, I like the concept of young people doing crazy shit. I like how Bussan decided that he should do something different before his death. I like the weirdness of the drama. But above all, I like the idea of friends sticking together through thick and thin. You don't get that in real life. NO YOU DON'T. Plus there is a hint of humanity in the drama. Just a hint. Amongst all the crazy stuff.

Yeah, and when did Okada become the sex-oozing mancandy that he is today? I would say around the time he starred in Tiger and Dragon eh? He should always have black hair, with black hair, he has that refined... perfect look. I said it before and I will say it over and over again. I think Okada is the hottest man that has debuted under Johnny's Jimusho and is still in the industry. Because the early old farts, I am unsure of how they look with proper grooming, I will begin only with SMAP. KimuTaku's looks eroded through time and him, at his peak, to me, is still not as hot as Okada. Period.

I look at Okada and the image of a boy born with a silver spoon stuffed up his ass came to me. He lost almost all of his Kansai accent hasn't he? Wonder why. T_T Back then, he was totally stupid. As was Morita and Miyake. Watching V6's early shows is extremely entertaining.

Sakurai Sho... what can I say about the man?

Rating: 3.5/5 - Solely because of the hotties. I don't get the first few episodes. The eccentricity threw me off. But, the cameos are great. Aikawa Sho, Kishidan. xD And the name dropping. From The Blue Hearts to Yoshiki of X Japan to Komuro Tetsuya. xD Luv it. References to pop culture of Japan... though a wee bit outdated... but yeah. Tsumabuki Satoshi!!! xD

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