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Yeah, since summer dramas are all going to start faster than you can say "I-would-rather-watch-evil!Ohno-instead-of-Dr.Pi-but-heck-I'll-watch-both" I am going to make a list for self reference, about which drama I should catch. But then I'll always end up catch only about 3 because I have short attention span and I am fussy.

I just don't watch any drama. It has to have enough starpower in the cast for me to watch it. AND, Johnny's-involved is preferred because I am biased like that. (This will lead to the "I know they are douchebags and they have no talent and stuff... but I am that addicted to them" argument, so I will just not go into it.)

I yakked enough about Maou and Code Blue (replacing Last Friends) so I will look into some others that are worth considering.

Seigi no Mikata
Yamada Yu and Shida Mirai. Now I really like Yamada Yu the model-turned-actress. She's (or was, god knows how fast these people go through boyfriends and girlfriends) dating Oguri Shun. They make a nice, tall couple eh? But rumour has it Shun is already cheating on her. He'd better not. RAWR. Shida Mirai is that girl in the drama "14 sai no Haha" acting as a middle schooler impregnated by Miura Haruma (or rather, his character). Didn't Miura Haruma impregnated Aragaki Yui in that movie as well? Geez, he has GOT TO stop impregnating schoolgirls. Really.

The drama will have the two playing sisters. Of course when you have a sister, you can expect lots of fights. I don't know, I don't have one. In the banner for the drama, Shida Mirai looks like Yamada Ryosuke from Hey! Say! JUMP. No, really, and its not Shida Mirai that looks like a boy, its more like Ryosuke looking like a girl, really.

Stars the long forgotten (at least by myself) Takenouchi Yutaka (hot) and Kanno Miho. Hmm... actors of the older generation. What do I say? Let me think... I have never seen Kanno in anything other that "Itoshi Kimi e" because I wanted to watch "Watashi-tachi no Kyoukasho" but it seems so boring. A lot of her dramas seem too serious and boring that I just cannot take it. I like crap, I like pretty boys, I like to watch them crossdress, I like stupid people doing stupid stuff. So, yeah. Oh no wonder I haven't really seen a lot of Kanno Miho.

Takenouchi Yutaka... where did he disappear to? Err... gosh he's old. I know I have watched his dramas but I don't remember any scenes from the dramas. Classics like "Long Vacation" and "Beach Boys" oh and "Dekichatta Kekkon". Wow, thats... quite a lot. How come I only remember the last one I mentioned? Strange. Most probably cos he's old. xD

Kurokawa Tomoka (gag) and Edo Harumi (yay) will also appear in the drama. Its about doctors and nurses. I smell love between doctor and nurse. Whats up with all the doctor shit invading the dramasphere anyways?

Koike Teppei. Rookie cop who looks like a loli-shota host. Fighting crimes.

Nuff said. I mean, look at Teppei! Cute as a button. Deffo' qualified loli-shota. xD

I don't think I will watch this seriously. I just included this in the list to remind myself what a failure looks like. I am not the world's best predictor person thingie whatever. But... that dude playing Miura Haruma's character is so... duh. And that girl... cannot hold a candle to Aragaki. The movie was too well-received and a this was a doomed failure from the very beginning. Casting a newbie for the main character is just... well... it spells failure cos these two are not as hot as Haruma and Yui. Period!

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