[Wall] NANA - Anime DVD Covers

Note: I claim no credit for the scans. They are acquired from HERE. They are covers from DVD volume 2-13 and 17. If someone can point me the way to the scans for the covers of volume 14-16 I would be very grateful. T_T [Edit: Found em all!]

Its just... so... incomplete. T_T There's the one with Nana menacingly sinks her fingers into Yasu's back while holding a can of beer, Reira stares longingly into nothing in front of Takumi's back and finally Hachi clinging lovingly on Nana's arm.

T_T I WANT THEM! Anyways, why don't they make one with Takumi and Hachi?

These aren't exactly wallpapers, I just cleaned up the pictures a bit and sized them appropriately.

Note: I am still on my hiatus, first paper tomorrow. But NANA is just... very... tempting to watch.

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