[BLOG] I Am Not Happy


So... they just copy your entire blog entry and paste it on their blog?

To use the word 'inappropriate' would be an understatement.

I am not like mad or anything. But I feel a bit of a WTF? kinda thing.

Sure, she left the name of my blog there...

Imagine, like, say, you gave birth to a child. And this other person cloned your child and named it the exact same name you gave your child.

How's that going to make you feel?

Exactly, it makes you feel "What the fuck?"

Well, that is about all.

Just saying...

Okay, I am not just saying. I am a bit pissed. Not even a freaking link to my blog. Sure, she left the words "Bump on the Asphalt" there.

Which bump? The damn annoying one that keeps making me slow down near the mall? The really high one near my friend's house? Which fucking bump? I typed those words, word for word, from my brain. My opinions. You don't just copy-paste someone's opinions into your blog like it is yours.

Yes, I am pissed.

But, like not pissed enough to drop a comment there, cos I don't earn anything even if there's traffic here, or otherwise. Yup. Just blogging for fun. Fun is good. Besides, it is not like I am going to earn a lot... why bother?

See, I am nice like that... xD xD Wait, me not earning doesn't make me nice. Oh well.

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  1. Hey .. sorry to read that. :(


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