[Buzz] New DVD Tracklist

Now that I have seen the tracklist... I am not as excited about it. Okay, firstly, I know it is held at the Kokuritsu Olympic stadium. I know Carl Lewis was there. (Aiba never forgets to remind people...) I know that it was rare and they were performing outdoors and it was bright when they started with "Love so sweet". But I am disappointed to see that some of my favourite non-singles Dream-A-Live tracks were not performed. It might be towards the end, after Gorimuchuu. But I doubt it. Why do they perform B-sides from singles released ages ago when they can perform songs from their latest album?

And sure, there's "Truth" and "Kaze no Mukou he" and "One Love" but strangely, my favourites are not the singles. Well, actually, I have many, many favourites. And it not only consists of the singles.

But nevertheless to own it would be great.

But, I have my mind set on something presumably far greater.

The 10 anniversary tour. You know there will be one. Wait, there will be one right? Like... it is their freakin' 10th anniversary. KinKi Kids had one. V6 did too right? Or something.

Love so sweet
★Oh Yeah!
★Kitto Daijoubu
★La tormenta 2004
★Hadashi no Mirai
Aozora Pedal
Hello Goodbye
★Subarashiki Sekai
Tomadoi Nagara
★Lucky Man
Take me faraway
Kaze no Mukou he
★Step and Go
a Day in Our Life
Tell me what you wanna be?
★Ichioku no Hoshi
Hip Pop Boogie
★Asu ni Mukatte Hoero
One Love
Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi
★Fight Song
Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono
Sakura Sake
★Gorimuchuu + et cetera
Document of KOKURITSU ( I think they might mean... 'documentary', just a guess though...)

*My damn Arashi tag is overflowing. Well, not like it can actually overflow. But... as compared to others. I need to blog about something else.

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  1. No, it's okay, you don't have to blog about anything else. Arashi's fun! ^_^

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