[TV] GASP, Say It Ain't So

Next's Friday's Music Station Line-up:

AKB48 - 10-nen Sakura (... gasp... teenage girls... lots of them...)
Arashi - Believe (Ah... finally)
BoA - Eien (Oh... okay)
GLAY - Haru made wa (Hey... old-time rockers)
ROCK'A'TRENCH - My Sunshine (Who?)
Shibasaki Kou - Taisetsu ni Suruyo (Purty, and she gets to shag Tsumabuki Satoshi, go girl...)
Tohoshinki - Survivor (GASP... WHAT?!)

*Note to self: Okay, be still. Be calm. It is none of your business, really.*

Do my eyes deceive me?

Arashi AND Tohoshinki one the same show?


Okay, I get Arashi. I was expecting and looking forward to it.

But Tohoshinki? Music Station? The ultimate pro-Johnny's is having Tohoshinki on their show?

Either BoA did something, avex bribed someone, or Tohoshinki is THAT big.

xD I hate to say it, but Arashi will look very sadly smaller than the Korean men and if there is a fight, I fear. Arashi's ego would be bruised.

But if you take into account the gazillion singles Tohoshinki release per year... you know their sales won't go far. Their fans would be broke by then.

I always try to remain impartial and of course, I fail miserably everytime.

So... I always thought that M-sta is Johnny's turf, and as long as they have the monopoly of such... turfs... (like Utaban, though we now know SMAP loves Tohoshinki more than their own juniors...) they can rest on their laurels and remain as crappy at singing and dancing and be alright with their sales because they are freakin' Johnny's boysies.

But considering the fact that Tohoshinki is really gaining popularity in Japan, and everything... you want to ask them... is the rest of the world not enough for them? They're gods in South Korea, in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, practically everywhere in Asia. They're doing concerts in more places than a Johnny's group can ever imagine. Now they want a piece of the pie known as Japan.

Not that that is a bad thing. We as humans often want more pie than we can eat. Bring on the sugar and the carbs.

But seriously, I can tell that the Johnny's are inferior to Tohoshinki in more ways than one. I am sure everyone with eyes and a sound mind can see that. I mean in singing and dancing, considering the fact that Tohoshinki is not active in acting, the rest can rest-assure that that turf is still theirs. Looks... well, looks is a very subjective thing. When people can swoon and call Kame, Koki and Massu and the likes hot, we ought to know that it is very subjective.

However, I dare say that an impartial bystander who is unfamiliar with all these boyband crap will look at the group with an average height of about... more than 180cm? And then they will look at the other group and go... "Is there really a competition here?"

What Johnny's Jimusho talents have, is their influence, and if this Tohoshinki appearance is not a one-time-thing, in this Johnny's Jimusho stronghold where traditionally, they have shunned other boybands that are not under Johnny's Jimuho, then I truly fear for them.

Cos with what limited promotional activities they performed on other, less popular musical shows, they managed to top the Oricon charts, now that they are appearing right, left and centre, clearly Japan needed something that is not sparkly and skinny and short.

And I just don't like losing, neither do I like things that I like losing. And Arashi's "Believe" will be released one week prior to Tohoshinki's "Survivor". I think. Well, you know? I am not sure. But the release of "Survivor" might dethrone "Believe"'s reign on the Oricon charts. This is something that we should all give a shit about because boybands' sales are the most important shit on earth. It can cure... cure... stuff.

Anyways, like I said before, despite all that, I find myself rooting for Arashi like it actually has direct repercussions in my life if they win or something. Gosh, this fangirling thing is feeling like a fifth limb.

P.S. Okay, if it sounds like I am dissing Arashi, I most certainly have no such intentions. I just try to not be blind to the weaknesses of the things I like, like how I try not to be blind to my own weaknesses. It is a good thing.

P.P.S. Also, I actually like Tohoshinki. I most certainly am glad that they managed to make it this far. I remember the days when they were starting out with their crappy PVs and barely any TV appearance. But, in a face-off, you have to pick a side. Even if the face-off might only exist in my head.

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  1. My Sunshine by ROCK'A'TRENCH is the theme song to Mei Chan no Shitsuji. (You put "who" in parentheses next to them in the line, so I thought I'd tell you.)

  2. KAT-TUN will be going against DBSK on Oricon 3/11/09. Their single is titled "Rescue" and DBSK with "Survivor". You should do a comparison of their PVs once KAT-TUN releases theirs on Wed. (:

  3. "...clearly Japan needed something that is not sparkly and skinny and short."

    I love you, by the way.

  4. Isn't Tohoshiki, or DBSK or TVXQ or whatever they're called, disbanding? I dunno...just read somewhere that they're suspending all group performances or something.

    But yeah, whatever. Arashi Pwns.

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