[TV] VS Arashi

14 February 2009

Guests: Some pro-golfers

O_o I haven't been doing a lot of updating. xD It is unusual for me... but I have been busy (in my head)... a lot of things to sort through and the insomnia... when you have insomnia, you just feel tired all the time but then you try to sleep and then all you can do is lie on the fucking bed and THINK about sleeping but you cannot really sleep. Busy, busy, busy. That plus insomnia, is not good. But then there's the sudden The Carpenters phase... Okay, I am done ranting.
So there are these two golfer chicks going on the show on Valentine's day and Arashi shamelessly asked for chocolates, to their disappointment, they got none (at least from these two). Lets call them Shinobu and Momoko. Arashi later learned that Shinobu is a big fan of them and went to watch two of their concerts, one of which was held in Shanghai. (xD A Japanese going to China to watch a Japanese group perform. That is like a Brit going to Brazil to see.. Queen Elizabeth II.) They MADE Shinobu choose her favourite, at first she was reluctant and said she liked everyone. Then Nino was like "We'll use that answer for O.A." They made her choose again, and she said Jun (again... oh well, can't help it.)
Her decision would soon cause a backlash as she faces off with Nino in the Rolling Coin Tower corner. That comes later. Cliff-climb comes first. Sho gave stupid advice... and then later, he was ignored by the voice person. You know, the voice person... xD The announcer dude. xD I get crazy-turned-on when I watch this game. Especially when the men climb it with gusto and... uh... sexiness. So far, twice (including this time) Aiba and once Sho, I was really entertained. It is pretty impressive. This time, Aiba did great, with about 5 of the grips taken away, he still did better than that time when Jun failed miserably. In this game, you practically cannot aim for all and still manage to go to the top in time. I have thoughts, in my mind. Everytime I watch them do a nice climb, I have thoughts.... xDDD What?
Secondly, the Rolling Coin Tower, Nino declared that he will not take it easy on the girls... xD That was because Shinobu chose Jun as her favourite. He said if she had chosen himself, 'accidents' might happen and he proceeded to demonstrate how he could have dropped the coins and stuff. xD Hilarious. Oh, Sho gave stupid advice yet again. xD Oh and Ohmiya held hands... or at least Nino held Ohno's hands... a bit. xD It was Valentine's... Public Display of Affection (PDA) highly encouraged. Even if it wasn't filmed on Valentine's Day...
During the Falling Pipe game... Sho's face... he was doing the villain face or something. xD That face... xDDD Jun was mean to Shinobu... xD who was disappointed with Arashi. xD Well boys are mean. They pull your pigtails back in kindy and wouldn't let you touch their stuff because of cooties. Or something. She was like "Arashi is cold..." Nino was like "You bet..." xD Next was Ohno versus Momoko. Nino was all "Even if you fail, we can defeat them later... so just... do whatever..." And Ohno made a 'whatever' face and just chose two without much deliberation. Nino asked Momoko to give Ohno 10 thousand yen so that Ohno can advice her on it. Momoko agreed. Ohno said that he'd advise her only after he received the monay. xDDDD Okay, you know, it is not funny if you have to explain the joke. ^^ Nevermind.
So, the girls lost and proposed that Arashi do golf with them (since they're pro golfers) because they hate losing.

Sho: How was it?
Girls: No fun.
Sho: WTF.
Girls: We are pro golfers...
Sho: We know that.
Girls: How about a game of golf?
Ohno: So we decide the winner based on golf?
Girls: Yeah, would you?
Nino: Our Aiba is experienced.
Aiba: Just a teeny bit. But considering how well we're doing... we might win.
Sho: I understand. Next week, we'll do golf!
The next episode will be a special. The preview showed Aiba doing great in golf (he is the experienced on...) and Jun hitting the cameraman. xDDD It will be funny.

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