[PV] The Shigotonin - Kyoukasuigetsu

My mom would like this song. xD This song is so 80s and I ROTFL at the intro of the PV where they tried to look sophisticated and all mature, adult sexy, which didn't work. xD Mabo was sexy, but in a less sophisticated, more dirrrty way. xD And Higashiyama... I don't know about his past glories and his high rank in Johnny's Jimusho, but he just appears to be like a sellout trying to make a comeback by pretending that he is doing favours for his juniors. I'm probably wrong. But, hey, whatever. I'm never right anyways.
And... I think people past the age of 40 should just stop... dancing like that. Frankly, I am not sure how old Higashiyama is, but... you know, it is disturbing. Actually, at age 35, being in a boyband is a bit... ugh. But since they're Japanese and all, it's okay. But 40? xD If Arashi still exists when Ohno is 40, I'll just stick to old videos of them, really. That is, if I still give a rat's ass about them at that time.
Back to this PV... WTF, seriously. I know Higashiyama is supposed to be good at dancing and all, but seriously. It is a lame excuse and a failed PR tactic or something. I usually like these inter-group collaboration things, but they're trying too hard to make it all sophisticated and mature sexy. The dark lighting, the dance steps, the spinning, the jazzy music. I get the water and the moon thingie, very good. I mean, considering the title of the song is "Mirror-Flower-Water-Moon". So, that's why we have the moon and the water. I don't get the hat thing. I don't get the tone. xD Besides, Ohkura was trying to make expressions at the camera, I said 'trying' because obviously, his expression is as dramatic as a block of stationary tofu. He wore a frown throughout the video, I wonder if he was trying to convey some sort of feeling OR he might be constipated. Goodness, let him shit! It is inhumane to make people work while they're constipated.
I like the song, mostly the chorus, the verses are boring. The chorus reminds me of some song from Hong Kong back in the 1980s or... to stretch it out a bit, perhaps the mid 1990s. I know a lot of songs back then were Japanese rip-offs. So... I'd have to date it back to the 80s. But then this song has Higashiyama doing it, so... I guess it would it natural to have a bit of Shounentai in it. xD Mabo looked so stiff though. xD His eyes were creepy. xDDD He just looked very out of place in the PV.
Well, it is not THAT bad, not very entertaining either. Just mediocre and, tried too hard o appear as somethign but then didn't quite work. The overall atmosphere of the PV worked, but it is the people doing it that kinda failed. Mabo is not suited for it. Ohkura... is... like... ugh. If it was Higashiyama and perhaps... Sakamoto/Nagano/Tsubasa/DoKo, it might work. They have that... flair for... this kinda PV. I dunno, it may just be me.

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