[PV] Flumpool - Hoshi ni Negai wo

I know the F is not supposed to be capitalized. But I just like it better like that. This is not a bad song... but it is not like, great. "Harukaze" was great. "Hana ni Nare" was great. "Over the rain" was great. This... is okay. Oh well, keeping up with the success is hard. But at least they're not a one-hit-wonder.
And like every band that strikes it big in Japan, they'll be remembered. Really. Remember Orange Range? They were the big thing back in... when was it? 2005? The hits they had were amazing. They were my flumpool from 4 years ago. Now, I cannot even stand their new songs. That "Oshare Banchou" was... not my taste.
This PV... I can't help thinking I've seen this before. The whole band playing musical instruments and a revolving camera. OR the thing revolving. You know? I don't know. So the PV is revolving and then it has a dark background and lots of lights - presumably lights that they want us to pretend are stars, like the song's title. And then there are images of the band running. Just running and revolving and running and then you see the vocalist a lot. Actually 80% of what you see is the vocalist. (I don't like remembering names. It annoys me.) I know, he's the pwetty boi, but seriously, show someone else for a change. The drummer for example...
What? The drummer has a quiet, understated hotness to him. And I like that he wears hats like that. I like hats like that on men that are not cocky. Are those fedoras? I think you call them fedoras. Whatever. Oh and towards the end, we can see rays of light, which I think they want us to pretend is a meteor shower. Just guessing.

Yeah. I am done.

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