[Talk] Filtered Stupidity

I haven't been updating. xD Because Arashi hasn't done anything worthy of me talking about. Watching dramas is too energy consuming and movies... movies just seem boring. So yeah, for once I have nothing to talk about. SHOCKER. I know.

Classes are about to start and I just want to laze the days away on my bed or chair.

So, I have been rewatching D no Arashi and G no Arashi because... because I can.

And damn it, they were hilarious back then, and so freakin' gay they make Christian Siriano look straight. Or something. Okay, I have been rewatching Project Runway as well. Not that that should matter.

But, gosh, has anyone seen Himitsu no Arashi-chan?

Someone stop me from falling asleep.

I guess they're so big now, they're above drawing on their faces and acting flaming gay by grabbing each other's crotches and kissing each other. They're above stokings over heads and all that shit you ever saw on D/G no Arashi.

Curse fame. I'd rather them remaining average and just... be funny.

Well, that'll happen in a year or two. You watch. The fame will blow over. But they won't go back to doing crap like that.

In the end, they'll only be like... SMAP but less wowed over because they have no KimuTaku. (KimuTaku stars in dramas with crazyshit viewership ratings and SMAP sells singles by the millions at one point. So, no, Arashi is not as WOW as SMAP is.) BUT, there's the Asia Tour, so... the concert tickets they sell should account for something. Or something. You know, I don't care anymore. Whatever.

T_T I cannot even watch HNAC more than twice. (Yes, I still watch it twice only because I have all the time in the world. I sleep, I eat, I shower, I jog. There, four must-do activities in a day. Then, the remaining time, I sit around, getting fat.)

D/G no Arashi, I lost count of how many reruns they have had on my PC.

They pwn the new shows' asses.

All those movies and extravagant concert settings and PV sets and dramas cannot make up for D/G no Arashi. Okay, maybe the savvy concerts can. But hey, whatever. It is not like I'll stop watching. I need entertainment.

And I have a long list of entertainment just seems to be inadequate no matter what I add to it. From the gazillion Arashi shows to KinKi Kids to Gossip Girl to Grey's Anatomy to... I need a life. xD More importantly, I need to take a dump. xDDD Not that that should matter.

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  1. I think there's difference in HnA and C/D/G no A.
    HnA is a golden time program, thay cannot do crazy things there like they did at midnight tv show (C/D/G no A air at midnight).
    I think they still do stupid and funny things at shukudai-kun and VSA.
    But I agree with you that Arashi's main charm is the craziness and their stupidity..

  2. Their shows are not as funny anymore to me regardless of them being golden or not.

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