[PV] KAT-TUN - One Drop

xD Why not two drops?

Now, what the hell took over Kame's hair? I swear, the more I look at Kame's face, the more pissed off I get. And... was that English that he was muttering? Cos, I could get the "Love", "Dream", "Eternity", "Hope" and then... there was Kame, with a really totally cocky face and then he muttered something that I didn't catch. xDDDD
I can stand Akanishi Jin now. He's... just there. But Kame is... *growls* And, seriously, whoever called Kame hot should get their eyes checked. He is not like... ugly or anything. I don't quite use the word 'ugly' with the intention of saying someone is ugly. Seriously, people can 'make' ugly faces, have ugly teeth, wear ugly clothes, but I don't think people are generally ugly. I just don't use the word 'ugly' for people, unless jokingly. So, Kame is not ugly AT ALL. But... hot? Are you sure? I have tried to stare into his face for a long period of time, trying to see the hotness of it. Frankly, I think I was partially blinded temporarily. xD I was leaning too close to the screen.

I think Jin is training to be a ventriloquist. Can't you see he was trying to sing with as little movement from his lips as possible? That, my friend, is ambition. I applaud him. xD
Is this PV tied to some car company? Cos it pretty much looks like they're getting good money and sponsor for this PV from car companies. Why not a Japanese car company? I mean, they're cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Oh... sure, using an American car would have so much more cool-factor in Japan. I mean, they practically worship Caucasians anyway. No? Maybe not.

The song is not bad at all. But anything that Johnny's Jimusho throw out as a single shouldn't be that bad... (BUT, I fear for Arashi's "Believe/Kumori Nochi Kaisei", I will wait for the PV to rant about it... but animations? Oh I am over the moon. Cos like, yeah, we so wanna watch cartoonified Arashi, really. And "Believe" did NOT strike my fancy.) The PV is decent looking. I think they're trying to be all glamourous since Kame is portraying someone with great taste in the drama. What was the drama again? The one that failed miserably. Nevermind.
I don't know why, but something seems to have changed in the overall aura of the group. At least for me. If Koki would shave his disgusting looking hair off and stop being all so dramatic, then Kame would be the only one pissing me off, which I can take. One, I can take. Three I can't. xD

For me, Kame is on top/in front/the 'spokesperson' of the group because he knew whose ass to kiss. That is about all. I cannot stand watching a KAT-TUN interview where he seems to dominate the conversation and act all big-brother-ish. His ego is the size of... of... Saturn? Nah, probably Neptune. I don't like it when people get ahead of themselves and think that they're all that. Even Jun irks me sometimes. (Update: Do note that I didn't say that he shouldn't behave however he wants to. I was merely saying that I don't like Jun at all times. Heck, I don't even like myself at all times.)
It was a rather short PV. Rather boring, the whole dull 'glamorous' atmosphere. I'd prefer the thug-ish ones they had way back. xD Yes, then I'd have more to diss about how Johnny's are not badass gangsta. (Have you seen them try takin' that sumo woman down on Utaban? Ah ha ha. And she had the hots for Kame. Like, I read somewhere that people are attracted to people who have the attributes that they don't have themselves but want. And considering what a stick Kame is... it sorta figures...) It is boring but not annoying. xD I seriously would have preferred annoying. My bitchiness in this blog has no means of being unleashed unless something annoying comes along. GASP, what am I going to bash now?

P.S. They were trying to dance in here. I am not used to seeing them dance. *Thinks back to their previous single.* Perhaps they fare better making like trees.

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  1. WORD. :| Anon cause my crazy KAT-TUN fangirl friend is in love with Kame.

    I want to punch her.

  2. "Even Jun irks me sometimes."

    just wondering.. have you read this yet?

  3. And now, I have... and?

  4. Akanishi Jin: sniffle
    Ueda Tatsuya: Love
    Taguchi Junnosuke: Dreaming
    Tanaka Koki: Eternity
    Nakamaru Yuichi: Hope
    Kamenashi Kazuya: (snicker) Bye Bye

    it's one drop because of one lonely tear drop..
    and people who thinks Kame's hot... It's their opinion don't interfere with that.. and honestly i think Jin looks weird, and that's an opinion too. Kamenashi Kazuya is ranked 2nd most hottest men in their Nation.

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