[TV] Arashi no Shukudai-kun

23 February 2009

Guest: Non Style

The guests are a new manzai duo. Apparently, they were big in the past year. Do I care? Let me think... NO. Overall a boring episode save an adorable moment where Aiba has weird sauce-type thing on his mouth.
Oh and Marvelous Matsumoto. Did you hear? Jun went all Aiba and wanted to create a new corner, which he did. (If this means the end of Airando, I will go and lynch... stuffed animals.) Yeah, so apparently, Jun's corner is a corner where he does things that are normally impossible. He thinks he is a god or something. And to think, the stuff he attempted wasn't even godlike. His failure is my reason to celebrate.

I will skip to the end with Jun's corner because the rest of the show was a freakin' snoozefest. Since I am watching nice stuff from the earlier days when absolute retarded activities were allowed on their show, this is a freakin' snoozefest.
Did anyone see that cocky face when he came out? And all that fuss with the dimmed lights and the voiceover. And that outfit? What is he? Wacko Jacko? From the moment the tsukkomi of the manzai duo said that he wanted to be MatsuJun, I was thinking, does this man's ego need a boost? I think not? I mean, you can tell he is a cocky douchebag. xD What? He might be? Like, you'll never know.

Then he was all cocky when he asked one of the Arashi members to pull that tablecloth from under a bunch of plates and glasses and all that crap. When Ohno couldn't do it well, Jun decided that he would show them how its done. Cos he is Jun and he is so marvelous, he can do anything.
I gave the biggest cheer when he failed miserably. When Jun fails, he walks away. Okay, when Aiba failed, he treaded on with his head held up high. Not that I favour Aiba. Not that anyone cares who I favour. But the thing is, Jun might be way smarter than Aiba, way hotter in the eyes of many (NOT ME) but I have said it before and I'll say it again. I respect hardwork, not natural talent. This is why A no Arashi was the most popular corner back then.

Oh gosh, I miss that corner. Someone, bring it back.

That "Believe" PV. Like, seriously, when is it going to hit small screens? That PV. Like, stop hanging the freakin' cheese in front of me, cos I am really hungry for it. I want to watch it right now. The chorus is addictive. T_T

Lastly, MatsuJun's failure is my joy. Mean, I know, but like, the man has a fakking gazillion admirers and people worshipping him, calling him hot and stuff. Wouldn't hurt if I am such a bitch when it comes to him. Think about it, why is that Ooshima Miyuki from Morisanchuu ALWAYS on one of Arashi's shows? Wait, she has been on all THREE of their currently running shows. Now why is that? Do you not think that it is because she molests Jun and feeds his ego? Why won't they bring someone who likes some other member on? That, my friend, is unfair.
(For the record, I recognize the fact that it is probably Jun that contributed the most to Arashi's fame with Hanadan. But big fucking deal. I like things fair. Fairness is the way to go.)

(For the record, I might probably bitch about how MatsuJun's failure in the golf game on VS Arashi as well. In a while. xD Cos it is good entertainment.)

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