[PV] Tohoshinki - Survivor


It is... uh, I don't know know how to put it, addictive. I like songs that are a bit upbeat and has this... sorta like, repetitive and powerful chorus. I am not sure repetitive is the word I should use. But, this is a good song that makes me want to listen to it more than once. You know, some songs, you watch the PV and then, you are not even the least bit moved to listen to the song again?
And if the PV is a boring-ass one, you wouldn't even want to watch it again. Watching a PV is like running a test drive for a car... only, this is a song. The PV and all the visual effects are just to attract your attention, if the song is good, you would want to listen to it over and over again. The PV attracts you to buy the CD. If the song sucks but the PV is attractive, you'll not buy the CD. Or something.
And if the PV is sucky but the song is good, the marketers would have achieved their objective the same. And this song is good, and I want to listen to it over and over again. It gives off a "Last Angel" feeling. Wait, I got the title right right? Last Angel IS the one where they collaborated with Koda Kumi right? See, I don't even remember their songs anymore.
Frankly, I don't remember what point I was trying to make and I am kinda tired. JaeJoong doesn't bring the WOW anymore. And the song would be better had YunHo not pronounced survivor as "Surbaibar".

Oh, the boys are all grown up. Well... so am I.

Sigh, growing up is overrated. So overrated.
The PV looks nice. Not that the PV played any part in making me like this song. TVXQ lost its charm for me long ago. I am no longer excited about everything that they do. Frankly, I am feeling that Arashi is losing its grip on me as well.
The new semester is going to start... next week. That probably is the reason. Maybe it is the growing up. It sucks, by the way. As you grow up, nothing excites you as much. You just live without much excitement. It is pretty bland and dull and boring and you feel like a fucking zombie with no aim in life.

And then you blink and then you're 95 and incapable of breathing on your own. That is life's sad story. Sad, right?
One thing I like about Tohoshinki is how they dance. They always look good doing it. You know why? They don't have Kame/DoTs/Tego/MatsuJun in their group. That one who's always trying to do something different to show that they're hot and crap like that. Tohoshinki are tall and buff, basically, they're hunks and Johnny's are monkeys. And I prefer monkeys because I am probably visually challenged and a bit stoned.

OMG the song is better with every listen. And I am bouncing back and forth between what I am feeling in real life and the PV. I am fucked up in the head. T_T

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  1. I don't think growing up is overrated... but what you said is
    Seeing as you're saying 'the new semester's starting soon', I'm guessing you're only in Uni at the most, and I think those are still the fun years, and growing up doesn't mean that everything becomes boring and dull.

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