[Drama] 1 Litre of Tears

Autumn 2005

Episodes: 11

Starring: Sawajiri Erika, Nishikido Ryo, Yakushimaru Hiroko, Jinnai Takanori, Fujiki Naohito, Narumi Riko, Sanada Yuma, Matsuyama Kenichi...
In 1986, a girl named Kito Aya, aged 15, was diagnosed with an incurable diseased called Spinocerebellar Atrophy. As part of her rehabilitation treatment and in order to help the doctor understand more of her situation, she was asked to keep a diary about the details of her disease and how it affects her daily life and also how she feels about practically everything. This diary was later published and inspired many patients to hang on in their battle against various sicknesses. This diary was the basis for this drama.
The drama follows the story of Ikeuchi Aya, 15 years old. The eldest daughter of a tofu shop owner with a caring and warm family. Aya has always been a happy, kind and hardworking girl with an optimistic view in life. The drama opens on the day of Aya's big entrance exam to high school. On the way to school, Aya tripped and knocked down a row of bicycles. By chance, a boy named Asou Haruto was contemplating to not take the entrance exam when Aya's accident happened. Haruto had no choice but to help Aya rearrange the bicycles and then sent Aya to the examination hall. A teacher later permitted the two to take the exams despite being late.
Aya continued to excel in studies and sports, being part of the highschool female basketball team and also the class representative. She also was dating a senior named Kawamoto. The future was seemingly bright for the 15-year-old until her mother noticed that she was tripping and dropping things a lot. When she fell and hit her head on a date with Kawamoto, her mother put her through a medical examination and it was found that she has a disease called Spinocerebellar Atrophy.
The disease will affect Aya's ability to move gradually. Her limbs would soon be difficult to control and speaking and breathing would prove to be a difficult task. Despite such a knowledge that her life would be greatly changed over the coming years, Aya decided that she should just try her best at what she was able to do and graciously accept the help of those around her although she felt bad for troubling them. She later realized that she had to give up a lot of things as Kawamoto decided that dating a sick girl was too much for him to handle and basketball was something that she could no longer do. But then there were those who remained helpful such as Aya's friends Mari and Saki, and also Haruto, who was always there to silently help her and cheer her up. Aya's family was also doing their best to ensure that Aya's life would to change drastically because of the disease.
However, the disease, being incurable, showed no signs of slowing down and soon, highschool seemed too much for Aya to keep up with. She was later transferred to a school for disabled people and had to bid goodbye to the highschool which she loved so much. When Aya felt down because of she could no longer do the things that she could do before the disease, that she was so different from the active self that she was, she would continue to write in her diary words of encouragement to herself. And apart from her family, Haruto was an important support for Aya.
The drama continues to follow Aya's situation and a decade later, when Aya was 25, her body finally gave in to the disease...

^^ I just realized that my crap-talking about this drama was too crappy and was also left in another blog and that didn't do it justice as this was THE drama for me. This drama sparked my drama interest. Though I watched various Japanese dramas on TV, I wasn't particularly into them. I just watched and that was it. And this drama came along. With a brilliant soundtrack and pretty people starring in it. The storyline is great too. What more can one ask for?

It is strange though, when I watch this drama, I cannot see how Sawajiri can be this nice and then be such a bitch in real life. xD But hey, it is because she was in this drama that no matter what she does, I'll still be remembering her as Ikeuchi Aya. The same with Nishikido Ryo. This drama is probably the best thing that happened to them both, as actors. Sure, Ryo was famous as a Johnny's Junior, his group activities were fine too, but it is this drama that introduced Ryo to many non-Johnny's fans and overseas people who watched Japanese dramas. If the two on-screen lovebirds had any chemistry, it wasn't translated through the screen.

However, since then until now, Nishikido hasn't been the leading character in a drama before. I am a bit disappointed with that and am still intently waiting for him to get an opportunity to lead. I knew he wasn't ready yet, even during "Last Friends", but perhaps in a few more drama season's time. I hope he is not going to play second fiddle for the rest of his career. Nishikido Ryo can be a total impudent, rude asshole in real life. I don't care. xD One great character and the actor's image will be stuck to my head as that character. ^^ Hey, it is the first step towards seeing the best in people, though I have yet to do that with the people I know in real life.... xD

Anyways, Narumi Riko was also very impressive in here. To think that she was 13 when she was filming this... even more impressive. I foresee great things from her. She's very pretty too. Though I have problems watching "Hachimitsu to Clover", it isn't her fault though. I just really disliked the movie version with Aoi Yuu playing Hagumi. I like Aoi Yuu, but her portrayal of that character pissed me off to no end. TO NO END.

Sawajiri Erika. Married and has not been involved in a drama OR a movie since 2007. Such a waste! And the man is like... 44 years old. 22 years her senior. I mean, she can do better, richer, hotter. What the hell is she thinking? I don't rule out the possibility of love. I would too marry someone that much older than me. That is, if he looks like McDreamy. Gosh, McDreamy is hot. That hair~ But hey, whatever floats their boat, mmmkay?

But it is a disappointment that she isn't working more. She could have done more. I won't be satisfied if I had to give up a career that has yet to peak just because I am getting married. Such a waste. Anyways, her life, not mine.

The drama is one of the must-watch. It didn't achieve high viewership ratings, but it is warm, moving and inspiring. Keep in mind that there was this girl who was struggling with this disease. The hardships portrayed were not fiction. And she persisted and hung on to life as it slips through her fingers. Regardless of all the pain, she hung on to life. A life that those without any disease would waste away.

And among all that, I was initially pulled in by Asou Haruto. Who is probably a fiction, drama-only character. I can't help it. Fangirl instincts. And Ryo's shy and reserved portrayal of the character makes the character reminds me of him. Only a bit kinder and I cannot ever imagine Nishikido Ryo crying. I have seen it numourous times on TV, but as someone else. As Asou Haruto, as Oikawa Sousuke, as Ariake Taisuke. Not as Nishikido Ryo... I just think he's a dead-inside psychopath. xD What? I have a thing or two to say about his hair in here. Didn't suit him, but it was better than that red/blonde perm he had way back when. Erika looks best here, to me.

And young love. It is when we were young that we would be so reckless to get involved in hairy situations. Falling for a sick girl IS a hairy situation. As we grow older, we are too rational to do things like that. Everything becomes something that one should think about carefully, balance the pros and cons. See if there is a chance of having a good return on your investments. Investments of time, effort, affection and money. But when we were younger, such things didn't matter. What I would give to be able to be reckless and brave like that again. To have the freedom to act without thinking about the consequences. I didn't appreciate or make use of the chances to do that when I had them. T_T Oh well.

The songs "Konayuki" and "3 Gatsu 9 Ka" became frequent visitors to my playlist. Even now. ^^ I have gradually forgotten why I liked them so much apart from the songs being good, but after re-watching the drama, a song that is being tied to a good drama is twice as good.

Reitings: 4.5/5

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  1. ooo~ this was also the drama that made me started hunting for j-dramas (that are alike but to no avail..)

    i loved the song konayuki to bits as well...

    and i think that Asou's hair turned out quite well towards the ending of the drama... quite good looking...

    and you know, you're right about how 2 completely rude and mean persons can act so well as good people. hahaha

    i love Ryo's sexy eyes
    as well as McDreamy...

    if i were to be in erika sawajiri's shoe, i'd also pick someone as dreamy as him to marry... not some simple old guy.. heh!

    i'm starting to love reading your posts

  2. i love everything about it :))) i love one liter of tears

  3. i saw the story , it is really inspiring story . Aya is a wonderfull girl. the story inspire people to live & never to give up no matter what they go through....

  4. i love it.. i almost cried all day log :((

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